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bkk chronicles 05 (short)


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For christ's sake, whatever you do, don't drink the water!

Sigh, here begins my downward spiral.

Remember the other night where mecha-bitch02 brought some meat goodies and I chomped on the hot pepper? Well, she brought me some tap water I believe and I paid for it dearly! For the next 48 hours, every hour on the hour, I was rushing to the lavatory. I was popping immodium like it was fucking pez, no help. frown.gif" border="0 Worse yet, I somehow started to get a mild fever. This mild fever became a 24 hour FULL BLOWN FEVER! dammit! Do I have dysentary(sp?) and gonna die in the kingdom? This was sheer hell. I was bed-ridden for two whole days! I think G came down with a slight cold as well, but it didn't really stop him from sanuk. Ok, on to better things.

After my ordeal, I wanted to get back on the saddle. Besides my run in with the runs(haw! tongue.gif" border="0 ), I wanted to make up for the lost days. G had met up with some people he'd met on previous trips, B and g2. I hooked up with the three of them at big dog's and we shot the shit for a couple of hours. We made plans to get some dinner and hit cowboy later that nite. B was a pretty burly guy who's traveled extensively to all types of places in the world. g2 was always neatly dressed and talked fervently about this and that. They were both from george w. bush country and seemed really down to earth.

G brought his girl along for dinner and all 5 of us headed to the open food court at soi 7(?). The previous nite, g2 had gotten some really bad food poisoning from eating a fish dish from this place. Yet, he still came back with confidence. I believe he mentioned that to one of the servers. Anyhoo, G's girl seemed a tad nervous since there were 4 guys along with her. g2 tried to strike up some conversation with her in thai, she answered but was reserved. After the meal, G and his girl were off to AW to drop the girl off. G was to meet up with us all at rawhide after dropping the girl, he never showed. G's girl was a weeeee bit attatched to G, to say the least. tongue.gif" border="0 B, g2, and I took a taxi to cowboy and headed into rawhide. I was kinda nervous because I really didn't want a confrontation with lek01. I didn't wanna give her mixed signals in thinking that I came for her, nor let her lose face by getting another girl at rawhide.

The 3 of us arrive at rawhide. Whew, no lek01 to be seen. I relax a bit. We grab seats in back and watch the show. A semi-plump girl comes along and latches herself to big B. He seemed to like that. I gave them some room and scooted a bit to the right. Then I see her. I see Lek01 walk in from the entrance. She glances at me, no reaction then walks the far end way next to a japanese customer. Gah! She's like sitting almost directly in front of me, albeit some distance. But I have full view. This is uncomfortable... After five minutes, lek01 stands up and heads to the bar. She comes back to the japanese and they head out. Hmmn, guess he pulled the trigger. At least I can relax again. Then, the music changed and the nightly show began. Hmmn, I haven't seen any shows as of yet. Girls whom shoot darts at balloons with their pussy, girls whom engulf liquid from several bottles, and girls whom open bottle caps from seltzers. Ummnn, errr, owwy. Ok, at least I witnessed them. I don't think I'll partake anymore shows anytime soon. Not my cup of tea I guess. I didn't see any girl that suited my fancy and g2 had left already since he said that he was tired and had to get up early the next morning. I tell B that I'm gonna head to nana to find someone. On my way out guess who comes in, lek01. I say Hi and how're you doing and so forth. It was a weird kinda word shuffle. Both of us being a tad uncomfortable. I tell her I'm off to meet another friend and quickly say goodbye. Whew.

I arrive at nana. Guess where I go. Yap, you guessed it, g-spot. I go in and the welcome girls and several dancers near the entrance grab and tease me. They make the butterfly sign with their hands. Hehe, guess I got a reputation already. I go in wanting to get someone new. I've seen several girls that caught my fancy and I intended to get some of them. I sit down and look at the stage. Hmmn, it's kinda sparce. Either that or it's the B team up there. I look around and there aren't much sitting down neither! Dammit! What's going on! I haven't had sex in two days and I was horny!!!!! I then spot Lek02! The cute blonde with short hair and no boobs but a pretty nice round butt. Hmmn, she's a sure thing I tell myself. I call her over and quickly barfine her. She was again ecstatic. She goes to change and once back, we head to the hotel. Another fabulous session. This girl is relatively shy in the club. She doesn't talk much or act out. In the bedroom though, she was a dynamo. I pay her 1500baht. She then reminds me of the promise I made before of 200baht. DOH! What'd I say, do these girls have an excellent memory or what? I give her the money owed and we hug goodbye.

The next nite, I once again head back to g-spot and grab the other girl I took out before. The sloppy face licking long haired blonde, noi03. I barfine her and we go off. Two fabulous sessions in two days. Of course I was being extremely lazy and cautious. I just recovered from 2 days of hell which started with 2 mecha-bitches in one nite. I wanted sure-fire good times. The two girls were reliable and I wanted to feel more confident.

Next installment.... the pattaya experience.

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