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Pattaya Experience


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Read the highly interesting report by Choclate Steve and found it extremely entertaining. Steeb. ps keep it up.

It made me recount my experience earlier this year in Pattaya. As my postings have shown, I am a bit of a timid one. As I was there for xmas, the first problem I had was accomodation. Could not book into the hotel which is opposite Toms Bar but found a room next to it. Awful place but I had no choice. Room just about functional.

Checked in and then wandered out as fast as I could. Had something to eat and thought I would just sleep for a bit.

Back to my so called hotel which was really a rathole. The receptionist is cute but not sensational. Started making small talk with me and I though what the hell. Invited her back to the room and she was adequate. Good BBJ and then banged her from behind. It was all very quick but perhaps I needed it. Cost $400 BAhts.

Slept till the evening. Toms bar was great, It was only across the road and found a girl that dresses provocatively with a big arse. Forget her name. She was very nice and genuine and made friends with her. LT her in this awful room. She was very passionate and had a great session.

In the day times, I like to hangout by Jomteins beach having Singhas served whilse cathing up with a book and evenings is of course full of adventures.

Cant wait to get there again.

Can anyone advise what tradional massage places can you also invite girls back from ? Has anyone ever tried with Paladium MAssage cause they have some cuties working there.

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Stoody69, thanks for the report. I've not heard of getting a hotel clerk to turn a trick. You have guts (or, you are wreckless).

You ask about taking traditional massage girls for LT. I've also not heard of this. Can't say I've seen a traditional massage girl at Palladium that I would want to ask, either.

Good luck. Please don't embarrass your fellow countrymen. smile.gif" border="0

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