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Bangkok Day 1 night time


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Sorry for the delay,

Emerged from the Landmark hotel and ,ade my way down to Big Dogs. My mate was out having a suit fitted up so left a note under his door.

For those of you that don't know big dogs its the bar on the very corner of NEP, the one on the left if you are standing outside Nana hotel looking toward NEP.

Its a nice bar well situated, outstanding for observing the Nana traffic, watching the Pooying coming to work.

Sat down on one of the stools, within a minute or so joined by two ladies, onje who has recently worked in the Soi 33 Painters Bars.

Spent an enjoyable 3-4 hours there, friend still hasnt turned up so trot out of NEP and hail a cab to Patpong.

Arrived at Patpong, venture in to a crown group bar, after asking if there were any ladybiys inside, No ladyboy inside I am assured!!

Pop out at the top of the stairs, immediately swarmed, a girl who has that secretary Porno look starts massaging my thighs.

Four others attach themselves to every independent limb and proceed to massage.

2 hours and 2000 Baht later I stagger down the stairs, and join the throng of Farangs, Bargirls, Baby elephants and Peanut sellers and manage to hail a cab back to Nana.

Its 12-40, Full steam to Nana Hotel Disco.

ITS packed, whys it so packed. Manage to order myself a Barcadi Breezer, I sweetie pinchs my bumb then another then another, this is paradise, I'm experiencing paradise and I'm still alive!!

In the Blink of an eye, the lights are on and every one is swarming out of the disco, I start chatting to nice girls, we decide to all go for a drink, a swedish guy pops up from nowhere with a thai girl that evidently knows the girls I am with.

All 5 of us saunter up Soi 4 a bar is open, albeit with the lights off. We pile in and the drinks flow, I dont normally smoke cigarettes, now I'm smoking L& M's like the Marlboro man.

I decide to take my 2 girls back, say goodbye to Mr Sweden and his friend and stagger back to the Landmark. My two girls we'll call the Tik and Tuk are complete opposites, one very talkative and one very quite.

Both are good fun and upon establishing that they both smoke its the Landmark for us.

This is my first day, I realise I am way over budget having spent the about 10 000 baht since I have come out tonight!!

Well I fool and his money are easily parted!

All three of us stride across the Landmarks marbel lobby and zip up to the 25th floor.

Once in the room I find an angry note on my floor from my mate asking where I am? I hope he's OK he's a BKK virgin!!

Well Tuk, strips off and orders every else to do so, we follow suit

What follows is marvelous, pretty much up to Eden standard, they both work on me, subjecting me a tongue bath and before we know it its 645 am, dawn, I celebrate sunrise by shoving Tik up against the window and giving it her up the ass, Tik loves it Tuk not to feel left out trys to grab my balls but stretchs them hurting me, I have to shout for her to stop.

We collapse in a heap, we all drift off, enjoying our private dreams

Lamai tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif" border="0

[Removed reference to illegal substances - KS]

[ November 13, 2001: Message edited by: Khun Sanuk ]

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Originally posted by mitch:


Sounds like your having a good time, Will you still be in Lamai in 10 days time ??

laugh.gif" border="0

Hi Mitch,

Unfortunatelty I won't be in Lamai. The report was written from my September trip. Unfortunately I havent had time to write then up properly, have a good time.

Interesting to see if the Angor Wat development has picked up now!!

The Landmark is guest friendly, absolutely no problem.

Apologies Khun Sanuk, I wasn't thinking when I typed it wont happen again

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