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Tbear's Second Newbie Trip: Preface


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If you had $250,000...You can spend $1500 per month for 14 years before you go broke or Social Security kicks in!! That's not bad. Live fast...Die young & broke.

Now granted most people don't want to go quietly...But when I'm 65 I don't think I'll be Barfineding many BG.

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You might be surprised. I am in the age catagory you speak about but still enjoying. Only wish that I have discovered LOS earlier in my life.


Read your first report and looking forward to this one. You have a gift with words. I knew you were arriving at the Nana the Saturday before I left BKK and was hoping that I woould run into you but no luck.

Hope you are lucky with your retirement plan---even at my age I think of jumping ship.


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No such luck with a pension. I have to get the money the old fashioned way by saving. If I can just get a break with the US stock market, at least I would be going in the right direction.


Sorry I missed you. Had to cut out the BKK portion of the trip. But as you can guess, I'll be back.


Can't believe your going back so soon. I wish I had planned something for the holidays, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait for 6 months.


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Wow.....around 65 and still going at it smile.gif" border="0 You have my utmost respect. My father, who is around that age, can't even get up from his couch to change the TV channel. If he loses his remote...he's SCR*WED!!

I hope I can still go at it at that age.

I'll be almost 39 in when I retire. I'm gonna make up for some lost time.

I'm glad I hung around for my pension. I hated what I did but I knew that I won't have to work if I decided to live in LOS.

I hope the market moves up for you guys. I know some of you depend on that as a source of income. But as for me, I'll have a nice pension and over $150,000 in the bank. So if you guys need a loan when I get there, let me know. I'm very "Jai Dee"

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I worked out with compound interest in a saver account $250 000 would give you approx $1300 a month for 19 years.

Most of us will have parents and should receive something from their estate, so retirement in LOS, a lot of you could do now.

Saying that some people really enjoy their work, although I don't know many people who do!

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