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What really happens with the bars on election days

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Put up here as a sticky at the request of preakho.


this question comes up every time there's an election or a holiday. can we put this info in some kind of permanent post that comes up always at the top of the "nightlife" section or something? because the same reality always turns out to be true vs. what's on the law books.


for the record: the law says that bars have to close at 6 pm on election eve, and cannot reopen until midnight on election night.


the reality, as witnessed on 1/4/06 and 2/4/06:


1) almost everything was closed on election eve, but a few bars continued to serve past 6 with the lights low and their doors closed...at their own peril. a friend who owns a bar on soi 7/1 did this and had to pay off the cops that showed up, but only 1,000.


2) I would venture to say that everybody stayed closed most of the day on election day. then, at 5 pm, things start to get very gray. many bars opened but only served sodas. at 6 pm, a few started serving beer, others continued with soda, others surreptitiously served mixed drinks that looked like soft drinks.


3) by 8-9 pm, it was business as usual everywhere. if you had been magically transported into the middle of nana plaze, you would have had no way of knowing that there had been an election that day.


the above holds true for suk 7/1, nana plaza, upper suk soi 4, along suk from soi 7 to 11 (personal experience) and also soi 0 and cowboy (reports from girls I know who work at bars there).


a few bars elected to stay closed all day and all night, but these were definitely in the minority: melody uk on soi 4 was one, cathouse in nanaplaza was another.


this is always the way things happen, every time there's an election or similar event.



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