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North Korean Leader Has Secret Wife


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The secretive and often unpredictable Kim Jong Il has been living with his former secretary, who he has now taken to be his new wife.


Normally when we hear the name Kim Jong Il, we think of that crazy recluse of a man who lives in North Korea and carries out missile tests, contrary to what the rest of the world says.


This time, he has made headlines for a completely different reason, dare I say, for love. Itâ??s hard to believe that someone who seems to have so much content for his fellow man can still find time for love in between all of his crazy scheming. Apparently he has.


The marital history of this 64 year-old leader is just as hazy as the man himself. From what we can tell, he has been married three times before. Ko Yong Hi, his last wife, reportedly died of breast cancer in 2004.


Since her death, not too much has been known about Kim Jong Ilâ??s personal life, until now.


He has taken his former secretary, Kim Ok, as his new wife, South Koreaâ??s Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday, citing sources familiar with the country.


He has been living with Kim Ok since his late wifeâ??s passing. She has been serving the leader as his personal secretary since 1980. She has been virtually acting as North Koreans â??First Ladyâ?Â, accompanying Kim Jong Il on visits to military bases, in meeting foreign dignitaries, and traveling to other countries.


more news http://www.pattayadailynews.com/shownews.php?IDNEWS=0000000738



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Not much of a secret wife.... :banghead:


It appears no one is sure of how big Kim jong ils missle actually is....it seems to have greater penetration than before and bush is very worried about it's size.....

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