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video recorder costs


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I, too, would be intesested in the typical cost of an adequate video recorder and where I can pick one up in Bangkok. I'm getting married upcountry next week and so far I've been offered video services ranging from 3500 B (someone from the village) to 2500 B (friend of my brother-in-law). To both I am thinking, "Hmmm..., I don't think so." But what's a fellow to do??

I definitely need a good video tape of the wedding to show to the family back home and I think I might be better off with my own camera that I can commandeer whenever I think the designated operator is becoming incompetent (too drunk to shoot well).

Anyway, I think I read sometime ago on this board about a camera rental shop. I will go back an try to find that post but if anyone can give me some up to date information it would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif" border="0 Guido.

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Could you both clarify what you require.

Camcorder or VCR.

Condomking I gather it is a camcorder you are on about.

Camcorders here are PAL system and I think you are from the states so a slight problem with the format.

As for the price quoted to Video the wedding, extortionate. I'm not surprised you are saying what the F*** You could have a professional do it for those prices and less.

If it's a Village wedding, set your own up on a stand and video yourself. Just make sure the background in the view isn't too bright. I video'd a friends wedding a few years ago in Buriram and I had to keep swiching backlighting on and off cos of the brightness.

Alternatively ask around for an Art student to do the video. I believe they nearly all do some video work as part of their course now. Probably be quite artistic.

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Rictic - Thanks so much for the advice, info and suggestions. I'm still quite a bit in the dark. I think I'd really rather rent something that I can take some kind of video with and use on whatever kind of machine/player people in the states are most likely to have. Wouldn't that be some kind of VCR format? Any way, as you can see, this is not my thing. Oh well, any other suggestions you might have would be appreciated. Thanks again, Guido.

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Originally posted by CondomKing:

Problem solved -- borrowing some kind of hand held recorder from a friend and another friend can transfer it to VHS format for me.
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You can get a NTSC (States, canada, japan) video camera at the sony store in Siam Discovery center or the Laser shop in MBK. They are the same price as the PAL systems

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