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Originally posted by Jap 12:

Does anyone know if Thai VCDs will play on UK DVD players ?


Never tried but you should be ok. VCD is just a large MPEG file with a standard directory structure, and file naming conventions on the disk.

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My Swedish DVD player works just fine. It's a Pioneer 535 less than a year old. Older players might not work. An important differance between DVD and VCD is that DVD is MPEG2 encoded while VCD is MPEG1 encoded. Some players aren't equiped with an MPEG1 decoder and consequently will not work.

Another thing to have in mind is that some VCD's might be in NTSC format so you may need a TV that can switch systems or a DVD player that can deal with this problem.



P.S. Sweden and the UK have the same TV system.

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Tried one DVD I brought in the UK - they didn't work. Got a different one which has

DVD/VCD/CD Player in small letters on the front.

Look for this or the "Video CD" logo on the box etc.

Also if you're back in the UK a shop in Chinatown in central London advertises Thai VCDs for about I think £6 but it's usually cheaper even with the postage to find a good

Website from Thailand


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