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I was wondering if it's worth it to buy and bring a PDA along. I've been looking at Handspring's PDA's, they're cheaper and use the palmOS. My friend has one, it doesn't really look sturdy, but it's not like you'd feel confident dropping a palm pda tongue.gif" border="0

Anyways, I understand you could pack in a whole lot of info such as maps, language translator, and of course phone numbers and schedules. Obvioulsy it's not something to bring along while strolling the clubs but you could write up reports and stuff during the daytime. Any thoughts?

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I considered bringing my Psion this summer but decided against it.

Reasons being:

Problems with backup facilities. I would have to bring the docking station and backup software as well. Also I would have to find an internet cafe that would alow me to install the software. After losing all information in two different PDA's I appreciate the importance of backing up at regular intervalls.

Just like you I was considering to take notes on my trip. Paper and pencil is much more reliable if you can't backup on a regular basis. The only drawback is that you will have to retype it into your computer when you get home.

I feel it is slightly to expensive to loose even if I can afford to by a new one when I get back home.

Furhter comments:

Maps - with the limited resolution on a PDA I feel that a paper map should be better.

Schedules - they are for work. I go to Thailand on vacation. wink.gif" border="0

Translators - dictionaries are real cheap in Thailand. That said I did by an electronic translator at Pantip Plaza. It also doubles as a simple PDA where I can store telephone numbers etc. I dont really need it but we have a saying in Sweden: The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. laugh.gif" border="0



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I've had good luck bringing the HP jornadas with me. ( the palmtop computers are cheep here in usa).

Imho, they are very sturdy, and almost "unfuckupable"

I get the loxinfo cd/net access packet in bkk and I can check my email, the net, ect.

when I leave ( did it last time, brought 2 of the hp's) they sold in bkk for about twice what I paid for them.

being set up for the net seems to be a plus for PPL in thailand ( thai students seem to be convinced they need to pay for classes to learn about the net, showing them how easy it is makes the sale).

Never ( lucky so far?) had a problem with customs, but now the seem to be xraying the baggage at random once you hand in ur customs form and head for the meeting area? I wonder what they are looking for. ( hope i don't find out the hard way).

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Originally posted by ALHOLK:


I dont really need it but we have a saying in Sweden: The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.
laugh.gif" border="0


I always thought the saying went like this: the only difference being the SIZE of their toys. You are free to interpret this anyway you like:-)

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I used to work for Palm (quit about a month ago). You want to buy a handheld just for LOS trip? There is no Bangkok map or Thai language translator that I am aware of. There is a hack that allow you to display and enter Thai text into Palm units and a BKK city guide.

I went to Tijuana recently and brought my Palm with me. The English<-> Spanish dictionary is extremely useful. The girls love playing games on the unit and I use it to take notes.

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Make sure that you keep it in a padded case.

Mine dropped a few weeks ago and the screen broke. I have to send it to Singapore to be replaced. Palm have a standard charge of $100 for repair/replacement.

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