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Best place to get DVD region changed in Panthip?


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[depends of what dvd player you have. computer or stand alone.

Some of them are very easy to change... ie the asus etc.

Try 7thzone or dvd genie on the net. do a search and you should find them easily. they will have all the info that you need.

To get them reflashed is look for a bios update , but if something should go wrong you would have to by a new flash memory chip, which I have never seen anywheres in pantip. you can buy them online for about 10$ or so.

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I was able to download a PROM "downgrade" to my DVD, changing from the current commercial version, to an older development(?) version, that makes my DVD player region free, like you describe.

There are web sites with information on DVD players

DVD ROM players:


DVD players:


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Downgrading the player's BIOS could potentially result in a degradation of picture quality as the older codecs might not be as good as the new ones.

Yes, one must look up their DVD player (on the links I provided), and read the information carefully, and they often describe the trade offs, IF there are any. In most cases there is no impact on image quality, but of course one needs to read the links to confirm this.

This being a public forum and all, I want to be careful as to how much I say. But I think a quick review of the links I provided earlier in this thread should be sufficient for most of those with DVD players to learn what their options are.

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