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I am coming to Bangkok in September and aren't sure whether to bring my laptop and mobile phone?

Do the hotels have net access and what are the rates?

What are the local phone call rates?



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I hope you get a better answer than mine, just reply because nobody did so far.

I have no direct knowledge. However I am quite sure most of the four and five star hotels will have telephone lines, that can be used for internet access. Smaller hotels often go through a PBX etc. or have no plugs suitable for a laptop etc.

Local telephone charges are 3 baht per connection (even if it lasts for hours!!)

There are lots of internet cafe around. So if you can not connect in your hotel, these can offer a good service, price usually 100 baht per hour or lower than that.

If you have a laptop and a connecting telephone line, you can buy cards from different ISP providers, that will sell something like 50 hours of access for 500 baht. I noticed some of them around at 7-11 shops, might be somewhat more expensive, but not even a need to go to an IT-shop.

P.S.: 1 US dollar = 45 baht.

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was using my mobile when I was there in June.

Calls received from Oz (around 1 min 30 sec) cost AUD $1.45

Calls made from you mobile locally (around 2 min) .60 to 70 cents.

If your in Bangkok and someone calls you from there you will be charged as if it was an international call as well as the Thai provider tacking on their charges.

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