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MPs w/happy endings in Surin


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O.k. I have some experience in the massage parlor behind TunTarin Hotel...Fish bowl, and walk around girls in street clothes. I choose one of the latter, and went up stairs, paid something like 1700bht, supposedly all inclusive.


Went up, showered (room was a bit dank/dirty/worn) got into a weak massage, then she started negotiating for a Tip...I forgot how to speak Thai, and was vague...had just o.k. sex, and showered and left, she hit me up for a tip on the way out...I foolishly handed her 200bht, she just stuffed in her pocket...my assumption is in these places, an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE, no need in theory to tip for "extras" might be wrong...


Got down stairs, walked out side, and some guy came out with a little book, the kind they put your bill in, and told me 1700 bht...I again forgot how to speak any Thai, and said "Paid before" He smiled, waid, and said o.k. mai pen rai...this was an obvious attempt at more money...he lost...


All in all, decent looking girls, and I might go back, but the bullshit put me off going back the next night. I hear more of such places have opened/exist...




Hurry an come see me handsome! My new vagina awaits you! !! XXO - (now officially), Miss Perfect formally Old Hippie.









The Golden Rose massage parlor behind the Thong Tarin Hotel has been newly remodeled and their selection has been definitely upgraded. It is the best happy ending massage place in Surin.


There are 4 tiers of lady available.


1. The fishbowl to the left of the lounge is for those that are either frugal, or like older or chubbier lasses. 1300 baht for one of these ladies all in (tip extra and optional).

2. At the front of the lounge there is a stadium seating section where all the other lasses are gathered, buttoned, and waiting for your attentions. 1500 baht is for the low end (newbie?) ladies. All in, tip not included. DS and I saw one lass in the 1500 baht range that was awesome and definitely a choice choice. I'll have to return or ask DS which color badges denoted which price, but I think they were red, blue, and pink. Which is what pricing I do not remember, but will find out and post here later.

3. 1700 baht for the 'star' girls, all in, tip not included and optional.

4. 1900 baht was the price quoted for the 'superstars'. Same thing, all in and tip not included and optional.


There were some very nice choices available here. It is much better now than in earlier years past (although my first couple of times in there many years ago they had a great selection of women. It went downhill for a while, but has been revamped recently).


This place is in back of the hotel (to the left down the driveway if you are facing the hotel). Stairs leading up to the entrance. Just go up and inside and find a seat facing the lady seating and grab a drink and puruse the selection. Some English is spoken (they do try) but some Thai would definitely help.



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