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Teochew restaurant in Sri Phaya


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Went to a couple of interesting restaurants lately in BKK that deserve some publicity.


First a couple of days ago in SriPaya, a friend who has the chic to take me to off the way roots chinese restaurants, like the ones behind Chong Nongsi where you can enjoy exotic specialties like snake or turtles (not bad, at least when it doesn't come with Beef penises, like it happened to my order not so long ago in Shanghai - wife laughing, told me later what the litle things spread among the turtles slices were).


This friend opened a new place on Sri Phaya , it's a Teochew restaurant, with a very simple entrance at road level where mostly regular fishes are on display along several preprepared dishes and 3 to 4 stories of private rooms upstairs. There are are only two large plastic tables downstairs, but we sat there so this friend could greet the customers on arrival and check his staff.


There forget about Yawarat joints where ugly lao waiters are the norm and know as much about China and the local lingos as about Catalunya.


Everybody speak Teochew in this restaurant, staff included - although they hired some hilltribes waitresses who speak mandarine, but I haven't heard them mutter a single world . A couple of dozen people stopped at our table and I haven't heard a single word muttered in thai nor mandarine - all tiochew. Quite special. Actually never been to a place like this in BKK. Some of the customers look like your typical low key chinese businessman and others have the worst teeth you will see even in a horror movie. Must see. Food was nothing to rave about, but it was fresh and quite decent. I hope they get some fancier dishes in the near future though, the restaurant is just starting but is already quite busy.


Besides it's open until 5 in the morning and punters with their hos are most welcome. Don't ask me where they get their girls from either but it seems they were also chinese mainlanders.


Sorry about the direction, I took the business card but the details are in thai, dunno how to type it in - nor how to read it. When you come from Maehsak you just go straight ahead past Suriwong and it's a couple of hundred meters on the left hand side. Cars park on the walking side around the restaurant. Quite a dinner it was! Had a smooth epilogue as well in Long Beach :thumbup:


tel: 022381620, 022381621

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