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Best burger in Pattaya?


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There is just something about the beef in Thailand; I've sampled many 'burgers in places that are obviously trying hard but the distinct flavor of a good burger is never there. It might come down to the low fat content of the beef: a good burger has to be juicy.

Bob's isn't bad, but not great and as you say; pricy.

I don't know if SIZZLER at Royal Garden Plaza has burgers but I was surprised at the excellent quality of their top line steaks; tender with great flavor. B600 for a 250Gr. sirloin: no bargain.


This is not in Pattaya but I'm staying in BKK right now and just had one of the best burgers I have ever had anywhere!!!!


Black Swan Pub Sukhumvit under the Askoe BTS Station. Delish!!!!!

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