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I've hitted Tashkent and hitted it hard.

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Seems to me that finding a practitioner of the "oldest profession in the world" would be easier than buying a loaf of bread in some places.

You're wrong. Tashkent, which has a remarkable P4P scene, is an anomaly in "untapped FSU".


Once you arrive in remote destinations you most often realize you have to do everything by yourself, there is no structured P4P scene and there is no one to help you. Sometimes even getting hot water in your apartment can be a challenge... not to mention finding good pros to fuck.


Anyhow which monger in his right mind goes through all the hoops and expenses (letter of invitation, visa fee, expensive flights, registration, etc) that implies a trip to provincial Russia, Moldova, Caucasus or Stans just for "whoring" ?


The only "good" reason to embark for 2nd tier FSU cities is that the supply of available, sexually adventurous, passionate, intelligent, conversant, fun, charming and sensual 8's and 9's freebies there is enough to keep a monger with a bit of "game" busy for the next 40 years.


Nevertheless, as I said above, yeah, every new destination is a challenge.



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Thanks for the report. I haven't been to Tashkent since the SU and then only to the airport. It was a shit hole best avoided.

I would have liked to have known the late 80's/early 90's Golden Days of old style FSU simple life of debauchery.


Those days are happily not totally over in Uzbekistan. :)

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I have been to Tashkent four times in the past year or so. The variety and beauty of the women there is unparalleled.


Tashkent bikini/pool outfits show (Uzbek designers and models) :



Many people refer to the Islamic character of Uzbekistan, but I personally can't agree to any of that for Tashkent.




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Uzbek bellydancing


The singer is rather average but the dancers deserve a closer look. Typical Uzbek assets.



There's bellydancing floor shows, with generally outrageously hot tall and curvaceous girls, at every club in Tashkent. Truly exotic.


One of the bellydancers at Diplomat Club is my goddesse.

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Great Report.


As Colorwolf and Lazyphil mentioned, the first thing that popped into my mind was this sounded like the writing of Prosal.


If so, welcome back. I always enjoyed your reports of places off the beaten path. :thumbup:


On my way to Google Tashkent to see if I might be able to squeeze this into one of my future trips. :content:

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If so, welcome back

I'm not really "back", but thanks for the feedback.


If you ever plan to go to Tashkent just PM me here or on ISG, I'll be happy to help and meet if I'm on site (which arrives quite frequently).


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