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  1. I'd venture to say that John Frusciante is one of the most underrated guitarist of his era. If it were not for the enormous commercial success he helped the Chili Peppers achevie I'd doubt he'd even appear in conversations about great guitarist. This guy plays every note with complete emotion. I think some of his best work can be found on the 6 solo cd's he released in the span of a year while away from RHCP before his eventual departure. Raw, unpolished and under produced but certainly not lacking soul or conveying emotion. I'll give him bonus points for the memorable lyric " you
  2. Been away for a while and the first post I saw when I logged on was this one. I never met Eyebee but having seen his picture today, I've seen him multiple times over the past 10 years in Pattaya. It was clear over the years on the board that we had a common bond in our love for this place, Pattaya. I will celebrate his life and memory this evening in a way I'm sure he would approve..... RIP Eyebee
  3. I like it. Brings back memories of my first visit. Looking forward to the next installment.
  4. Anyone break the glass on their ipad yet? I'm guessing that I can find someone over at MBK to fix it but wondering if anyone has had it done, how it turned out and also the costs.
  5. I've been away from the board for many of the reasons noted here, facebook, twitter, etc. That being said, I just recently had to delete my facebook account along with a number of contacts and pics due to a security breach which brings me back here. I've failed to write any trip reports for my last 3 visits and come to realize I cant remember half of the girls I spent time with or even where I went. I guess that's the price of getting old. I'll definitely post some reviews when I return next month if for no other reason that its nice to have an "anonymous" bank of stories/memories
  6. Nice place to stop in a grab a bite to eat before heading out. Good AC and decent coyote dancers. I never saw anyone who was obviously under-aged. I guess I can expect to pay a bit more for a burger next visit.
  7. How long is a piece of string:) I've always found baccara to be consistent. Of course that is based on my view of what a good looking girl is.
  8. Great Report. As Colorwolf and Lazyphil mentioned, the first thing that popped into my mind was this sounded like the writing of Prosal. If so, welcome back. I always enjoyed your reports of places off the beaten path. :thumbup: On my way to Google Tashkent to see if I might be able to squeeze this into one of my future trips. :content:
  9. Hey, I've got an idea. Maybe we can leave this thread up and people who like to make one word or single emoticon posts in order to rack up their post counts can do it here. If you want to make 20,000, 30,000 or even 40,000 or "wow" posts, you could do it in this thread without mucking up all the other threads on the board. Thoughts?
  10. Yes, the posts that don't add anything meaningful to the conversation. Okay, everyone if going to respond with a one word post or from time to time but when that represents the majority of the posts, it's pretty silly IMHO and is just a way of increasing ones post count. This type of posting :neener: just make it more cumbersome to read the the thread when they are in great abundance.
  11. I wouldn't mind traveling in a bunk bed style configuration overseas. I'm fortunate that most of my trips are paid for and I get to fly C class but the the times when I have to "buck up" and pay, I fly Economy. I'd much rather lie flat than sit up in a chair for 18 hours, even if it meant limited head room. I'm sure their are safety issues but there's got to be a way to do it.
  12. There is always a dickhead on a board who likes to spew shit. I'm sure Pigdick, Pigland or whatever the fuck his name is simply a reincarnation of a previously banned member. For the 2nd time, I get to make good use of the ignore button.
  13. Enjoyable read :thumbup: :thumbup:
  14. Everyone who participates in the P4P game knows the risks involved. This goes to show that it can and does happen to anyone. I admire your courage and the fact that you shared this news with us. Although I use a condom every time, this reinforces the need to do so. Fortunately you seem like a responsible young man and unlike others on this board, who seem to think they are invincible in terms of contracting or spreading this disease, are doing your part to make sure it goes no further. Good luck Junglesoup. I wish you the best in dealing with this situation.
  15. I meant to stop by and donate cash at one of the meetings but as they say...good intentions pave the way to hell. I've donated by CC instead. Keep up the good work. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  16. Sounds good but I personally prefer the blood of a newborn child. :smirk:
  17. I totally missed the headline.
  18. Sounds like a great way for Nigel and the Monkeyman to pick up new talent. Pick up the Katoey's as they are leaving the hospital.
  19. El Duce returns from the dead! :: Second only to GG Allin in the sick fuck department.
  20. Hopefully she never catches you fucking off on the job or you may get fired.
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