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Surin board free pissup

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For those who do not know of this site it is a good one to keep up with local Surin goings on. If you join the site before Jan. 6 and are in Surin they are having a party at my new restaurant with free beers and foods from 1 to 5 p.m. Only board members can avail themselves of the free beers and food. So join the site and come along if you are living here or visiting here.


Just Google up Surinfarang.com


They are no competition for 360, just a local board like many of the small boards that focuses on a city where local expats live, work, or visit from time to time.


Just letting you all know who might be around here then and like to join up with the locals and get a free beer or two. :up::xmascheer:beer::cool:


The nparty is on Friday the 8th of January. 1 to 5 p.m.





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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Is this a joint venture with Farang Connection. A lovely place to hang out while you Issan Darling sleeps due to way too much spending of your money or she is short timing her Thai BF?

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'The website is under going a complete re-build,

but you can access the forum by clicking here'


Hmmm...cannot click...not activated yet.


I've been lost when driving through Surin, on the way to a small village (Tha Tum) north of the city, but have yet to actually spend time in Surin. I look forward to the new website becoming my Surin guide. Good luck in your efforts.

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