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Yep, here now.


Low season sees a rise in the customer/girl ratio, however most of the good ones have gone home.


Having trouble dealing with the huge influx of overweight "know it all" Aussie bogan families, where Dad YELLS at the restaurant service girl "Salt", presuming that if he YELLS she will gain a better grasp of English. Like you need salt with TOM YUM GOONG.


If it's not them its the guys with the Beer Singlets, Single arm Island Warrior Tattoo and STUPID little hat. Drunk and loud.


Even the Russians and Arabs behave better in Pattaya!


Did I mention the Pommie touts now working Bangar Street during the day whining "Do you speak English?" at every white face they see, at least the Nepalese touts with the Aussie accents are a laugh.


Or maybe it's just me.


Give me up country any day.



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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Aussie seem to be a bit hard of hearing but don't lump the as to Ruakies and Rabs...I was at Phuket Immi today. Some Rab brat was bolistic as to no extension of his tourist visa.. OK, he was good for a 30 day at the discression of the Officer.

Look, the Camel Jock had a "Good Boys etc" T shirt on, board shorts and mirrored glasses. The sign outside clearly shows collard shirts etc. He a a LBFm in tow who wore a mini skirt that allow for a good snif from about 2m ... Aussies over Ruskies/Rabs anyday... Thank You

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