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  1. i'm honoured you want to make me a friend...i have no idea why?

  2. ... don't you mean, the greatest two inches of her life.
  3. I don't like my food staring at me.
  4. I have 460 friends on Facebook' date= does this count? :content: [/quote] ... only if they know your real name.
  5. We're talking about waerth and not Wearth.
  6. [color:green]If there is a difficulty in forming friendships with the average Thai, it is because we really have almost nothing in common. At home I wouldn't be likely to form a close friendship with someone with not even a high school education. What would we have to talk about? [/color] 1) Family. 2) Food. 3) Drinks. 4) Music. 5) Movies. 6) Weather. 7) Economy. 8) Cars. 9) Sports. 10) Thai women.
  7. shygye

    Hotel Food

    ... did you bring a Geiger counter?
  8. ... and Suthep takes his orders from the military?
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