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And as I said ... virtually unknown along the border in the 1950s and '60s.


p.s. I have yet to find any decent Mexican food in Thailand, except for a little restaurant named Rios that existed only around 1974-76. (It was owned by a Tex-Mex named Agipito Rios, who worked in Iran while his Thai Mrs handled the restaurant. It closed when they divorced.)

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Having the ingredients to "cook up great Tex-Mex foods" does not necessarily translate into actually cooking up great Tex-Mex foods.

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On time, my wife mistook the stuff for parsley and sprinkled some, chopped up, on deviled eggs. That is a definite NO NO. NEVER use silantro (another name for coriander leaves) on deviled eggs. It has been on my never use for anything list ever since.

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