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Eden's Massage Hua Hin

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The Interior of Eden's massage is homely and welcoming, there were two massage lady's inside, one of them was a bit of a growling battle-axe, unfriendly of face and mind, but the other was more comely and friendly. Choosing her for an oil massage I went inside, removing my footware, as is the ritual.



Bamboo wall-effect's and polished tiles on the floor were nice. A chinese-style ambient music played in the background as I stepped through the entrance lobby into the main room of massage. Like it appear's from the soi the place is like someone's house, leather seats and homely decor are here and there. A shared-shower is in the foreground also.

Only three massage beds were in here and I assumed there were more upstairs, but that was for the sleeping quarter's of the lady's I was told. Of the three beds, two were elevated at hip-height with the remaining one on the floor (with a thin mattress). The latter being for thai-massage.



I did the usual routine of clothes-off and towel-on. The lady, whose name was 'Lek', then began. There was no wonder hands from this one, but nor was she sloppy and made the experience worthwhile.





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I enjoyed your website. The movie was a little bit too slow, it could have been cut down a bit, but at the same time it was nice. I read a few more reviews and the only question I was left with is did you get the hand job or did you bang the chick? For me that would be nice to know. Cheers.

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