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  1. I’ve been a member here since maybe 2001 I started with a different account. As someone that has looked at the forums maybe 1 time in the last 5 years it don’t do anything for me. As the years pass by people leave except for 10 or 15 or so and it becomes a clubhouse for those guys. And that’s great, everyone needs a place to call home. I ended up here as I was looking for the Thai-Farang forum on Delphi but it seems to be gone also. And amazingly enough I visited Teak Door forum today where I haven’t been for years either. This is what I do during the lockdown.
  2. Wait, please hold the presses, but now the Pattaya Rag is being accepted as a source of repute? Let's give this guy a break until proven otherwise. He's living in Pattaya, he has himself a nice hobby to keep busy, and it looks like he is enjoying himself. That sounds good for me. As far as visas and work permits, of course he has them, he's working for the Royal Thai Police. Speculation otherwise just brings this board down to the Kevel of Thai Visa.
  3. This is my second account but I think I've been here since 2000 or 2001, never posted very much however. The board peaked when slimeytoad posted his soapy massage parlour reviews, possibly the best thing ever that I read on the internet, that I've read. Now I look here maybe five times a year, and quickly catch up on all I've missed. If you think its slow here take a look at delphi.com and the nanapong board, pretty much just a death announcement every few months.
  4. Dean, As a native of Southern California, I would reccomend that you not get too far from the airport. But first, I'm not sure how many Malaysian Airlines flights there are but I'm pretty sure that you are not going to be able to check in for your flight more than 3 hours prior to departure, so really your 6 hours or 8 whatever is really cut down. Also, while looking around the last time I was at LAX I didn't notice a left luggage counter, which would mean that you have to lug everything around with you. The In n Out burger idea mentioned prior is not too bad, its close to the airport a
  5. If you're from the States get a debit card from Charles Schwab. At the end of the month any fees that you paid on using the card are refunded to you. Also there is no foreign transaction fee.
  6. I'm pretty new here, but I wonder if the same sense of shame would apply to those who marry upscale massage parlor girls. Like, if someone aksed me where I met my wife and I said "Oh, she was working at the Nataree" would this be a badge of honor?
  7. I'm from LA but I've noticed that many of the Thai girls that work in restaurants are either students, or came over as students and overstayed to work, and many of them are in fact from Bangkok.
  8. I enjoyed your website. The movie was a little bit too slow, it could have been cut down a bit, but at the same time it was nice. I read a few more reviews and the only question I was left with is did you get the hand job or did you bang the chick? For me that would be nice to know. Cheers.
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