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Downfall of the Galt - Part 2


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Part 2 Now Ready :)




Sten shook his head in disbelief as the Ryder's opened fire preemptively.

"Those gunning fools! They are to cover the windows and roof to prevent his escape, not shoot him to death. By the Nex I should of petitioned House Soliter not the Fell Ryder's. You call this even-handed Merth!?" Sten cried, stunned by the sudden turn in expectations.

"He's a Pathfinder they face Sten, Fell Ryder's aren't soft like the Watch Ryder's are. Especially when facing hard-cases like this. "

"Maybe, maybe. But there could be consequences in doing this. The 'finder has a small-following. Perhaps I've taken this gambit too far." Sten said, he looked through the mag-lenses as another passing attack caused gunfire to echo back sharply.

"He brought this on himself Sten, how many times was he told to shut his ranting mouth? No faction declare's him there's. He belongs to no land or country even. Calm yourself and let the Enforcers and Ryder's do their work." Merth the Isol bodyguard responded. For a brutish-looking one he was quite intelligent.

"I know, but I fear the locals may yet rally to him." Sten cast a few worried glances about but the place was quiet and still, but for their activity.

"The locals may rally, but you're getting rid of that which threatens your own ways. Think of your own family and little ones how Galt indirectly affects them too." Merth said sagely.

"Well said Merth." Sten agreed readily.

Suddenly a set of steel shutters now rattled upwards at the entranceway. The way-in was now open and someone was leaving!

"That'll be the honey-trap I planted." Sten gleamed with satisfaction.

"She's the one from the hostess bar? The one who told us of this place?" Merth quizzed.

"Yes, it took a while but she managed to get her claws in for us to know what we needed." Sten said, the gleam of a smile about it.

Sure enough, it was the yellow-skinned girl, Lek who was their eyes and ears into Galts world, just barely dressed but determined to move.

Lek had been crucial in tracking down Galt to his home base and the week long insidering meant sharing a bed and her body for the Galts pleasures.

She ran from the building towards them. For a moment he feared that one of the trigger-happy Fell Ryders would shoot her out of movements sake but they concentrated on the building itself, obviously firing whenever they caught a glimpse of Galt within...


Story and Voice by: Tyler Dannan

Full Story Here:



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