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Rainbow Gogo Review


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No not Rainbow 1,2,3,or4. Saphan Kwai BTS on Suttisan. Full on AGogo. i went with the pinhead security guy from my building and a few of the lads. typical Thai drinking scheme: buy a bottle, mix weak drinks with soda add ice service and drink all night. We were on Leo B250 for a large bottle which is more expensive.

Girls are good looking. Made up a little better than the skinny assed issan rats. Speak better, not lewd. Light skinned, None too fat, all reasonably busty. Not a katoey in sight.

Thai guys seem to be a lot of talk and no go, but they're playing their game (limited funds,face saving,etc.) and the girls do too, so it's the kind of place you have to sweet talk the girls all night and maybe buy them a wreathe of baht notes to get them home. Even then maybe not until next time. That being said, i don't think there is a barfine (you hook up after closing) and i can't imagine the girls would charge over B2000 for the night. I didn't take one home, but after settling up B3000 without blinking, i was suddenly more attractive. I started out the evening just going out to buy instant coffee and packets of noodles, fortunately, i had my emergency hooker money on me

A couple notes: pretty strict no smoking but can in the toilet. There are a number of other bars around there, right across the street is another place i think is a gogo, down Suttisan there are a number of bars and karaoke joints, and RCA disco. Go with a friend if you don't want to get pulled into a group of thai guys drinking (this is just about mandatory if you are a lone foreigner) Or be fluent, i did see some lone thai punters that were there for obvious reasons. Rainbow is pretty fancy and safe, but i walk down Suttisan quite often late at night and there are some seedy little karaoke joints that i would be very careful going into unless your looking for trouble. But if your looking to stay up all night with some rough girls, have at it. Watch out for the africans.

Anyone interested in staying around Suttisan can try Bangkok Condo Hotel It's just accross Phahon Yothin going west on the right side (not sure if this is still Suttisan, ithink it's Prapa rd.), there are lots of hotels around otherwise. Compared to Suk, it's a more authentic neighborhood, the street food is freaking fabulous and everything is about half the price. Classy massage joint not far away on Ratchadapisek.


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