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Nana Gogo Update


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I love the GoGos! i don't have a comprehensive update because i can't be bothered to go to ever joint, but this is what a got: not many customers even on the weekend, but LOTs of girls. Farm fresh or maybe flood fresh. two new place on the top floor Billboard where Hollywood Strip used to be and a place next door that i can't remember the name. Billboard is just about the same as before but they classed up the facade and put in a jacuzzi pool for the girls to frolic in. I was not much impressed with the talent, but i was there early so can't be too sure. The place next door was better, hopefully it doesn't turn into another katoey bar. I'll give them a B- and and A respectively. Mandarin was full of lovely girls, i don't think i saw a single girl that was not attractive there, The upstairs is still closed after all these years. It was like 10 years ago when the russian mamasan got busted for running underage girls up there and still it seems to be off limits. either that or it's "fire Code" it would be the worst place to be if there was a fire, though i found a roof exit wandering around up there looking for the toilet. you could jump>?>> Mandarin get an A+

Rainbow 1 first floor in the corner had a lot of hotties A+. Playschool, nice but not many girls (again maybe too early) but i'll give it a solid A. G-spot, wow could this place get any worse? I really got to look before i sit, I was front and center to the fattest uglies dancing girl i think i've ever seen. she had this nasty hairy highway going down from her navel to snatch (thank god for that bikini) to be generous, there was another fattie there who really put her all into dancing, tit's slapping around and all the belly fat undulating, i suppose if i were a chubby chaser, she 'd be a looker, but really going with a fat pro kind of defeats the advantages of chasing chub. They should be free and grateful, right? G-spot D- i'd give it an F but at least i wasn't hustled for drinks. But i was harassed for the full 20 minutes i was in there by a suspected post-op that was so overdone in the ass and tits that he/she looked like a cartoon of a real person. OK F.

That's all i got for now guys, And i got through it without insulting any eurotrash or cigarette-virgin-branding-asians


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