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Visa Date Question.


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I received a double entry tourist visa (by mail) from the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General in Boston Mass USA. I usually go to the New York Thai Embassy but they were only offering single entry TV.


From what I notice (in my passport) between the Thai embassy vs. a Thai Consulate, is the embassy staples a typed sticker to your passport while a Consulate stamps your passport and fills in the dates and entries with a pen.


The double entry visa I received from the Consulate-General in Boston shows the enter before date and Issue date having a format date of m-d-yy.


From all the stamps I previously received from the Embassy in New York and Cambodia it appears as d-m-yy.


I sent an email to the Honorary Boston Consulate General asking would there be a problem with Thai immigration in Bangkok seeing the date on a Tourist Visa stamp as m-d-yy format. The consulate-general(maybe taking offense to my question) responded to me in bold letters No Never!. With no other comments.


We Americans see/write dates in mm-dd-yyyy format, but I would have assume the Thai Consulates in the USA would use the date format of d-m-yy for travelers to SEA.



1. Has anyone ever had a Visa stamp from a U.S. Consulate-General with the format date of m-d-yy ?

2. If yes, what problems did you encounter with Thai immigration?


I would think Thai Immigration must have seen this date format in visas from other Americans. But I don’t know if all U.S. consulates adhere to a conventional standard when it comes to writing the date in a visa. stamp




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