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Another Female Reporter Groped In Egypt

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Seriously, how many times does this need to happen before news editors realise that sending women to fucked-up countries like Egypt just isnt a remotely good idea.


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From the report, she appears to have gotten off lightly. The 2011 assault on Lara Logan - in the SAME F***ING PLACE - was a lot nastier.


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It would seem that the 'fun' never ends in Tahrir Square:


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And here's another for those who may feel I'm just throwing random events together.


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Just how fucking sexually-repressed are these guys ???

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"Just how fucking sexually-repressed are these guys ??? "



enough to fall for the promise of 72 virgins line to join terrorists



Ever had a virgin? One is enough for most blokes, give me a woman who knows what's going to happen any day. As for the 72, er, well are they not supposed to remain that way or what happens when the next dork come along? Oh yes I can see that, unlimited supply of virgins up ere mate, 72 at the ready day in day out, no waiting get right on down to yer carnal knowledge and don't worry we've got another 72 for the the next bloke. So that's 72 times more women as end up there than men, and that's just the virgins, Right.


Forget the sexually repressed, they're just dickheads.

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They are supposed to be perpetually virgin, since Allah is a kind and loving God.


S Tsow told me that when a devout Muslim was going on about how wonderful it would be for men in Paradise, he interrupted to ask about women.


"What?" the mullah asked.


"Well, what about Muslim women. Don't they go to Paradise?"


Mullah: "Of course they do!"


Tsow: "Then what is the reward for them? Don't they get something?"


He said the Muslim looked quite perturbed, obviously never even having considered the matter before. But he finally assured Tsow whatever it was, the Muslim women would have a good time too.








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Well I guess they get to be perpetually virgins. Quite what a perpetual virgin does, or does not do, to retain that state, and quite what the men get out of all this perpetual virginity is the real mystery I guess.


Someone told me that the arabic word for virgin can almost be mistaken for something else. Forget what, grapes or some such. So I guess when the old muckers were trying to make sense of all the rantings they probably looked at one another thinking something like '72 grapes? Like, for what? Nah, has to be virgins, yup sure its virgins, grapes, doesn't make sense.

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