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Thai Sabai Massage - Sukhumvit 33


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Right about 200 yards from the Soi 33 intersection is Thai Sabai Massage.

This is quite different to the other massage shops in town.

An alcove set into the doorway has a mirror and price list (another one outside too).

Often sat in here are one or more massage girls.

They wear the traditional-style dress of long skirt and blouse. Complete with hair-tied back and giesha pins sticking out.




As there was only one 'on-duty' that was who I ended up with.

Some stairs off to the right lead up to the shop itself.

On the second floor is a door leading off the stairs. Inside is the massage shop proper, it's a wide lobby with a variety of massage areas.

The massage girl followed me upstairs and I chose Thai Massage for an hour.

After donning some sandals she then asked if I wanted a room, which would cost an extra 200 baht. I declined and instead got the curtain-massage rooms instead (which were adjacent).




As I was the only customer in the place no aircon was turned-on so the place was a bit hot.

Once in the curtained-booth she turned it on.

I could see that in the walled-rooms were aircons, plus hotwater showers these were where oil massage took place.

There was another walled room with no shower though, this is where the Thai Massage gets done also.


A pair of musty-smelling pajamas were plonked down onto the mattress which were surprisingly comfortable. The floor mattress however was hard and some of the beef-cake farangs out there might struggle with such a thing.




As I lay down and waited for her the curtains were ripped open suddenly. It wasn't my lady of the hour but a very rotund Thai lady with eye-catching mammarys. Wondering if there was a bait-and-switch deal going on the woman looked down at me then strutted...


Full Review Here:


http://www.ontheroad...Thai Sabai.html

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