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Now You Can Fix Your Computer With Nutella


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Even computer whizzes who like to mess around with hardware may have missed this mind blower. It turns out that a little chocolate hazelnut spread can keep your desktop humming. The probably hungry hacker minds at Coolmaster squirted a bit of Nutella in place of thermal paste—a conductive paste that helps regulate the temperature inside a computer and keep it from overheating. It’s incredibly easy to do: Just fill a syringe with the Nutella leftover after your most recent bout of eating out of the jar, heat the filled syringe in a warm water bath and put a dab on your computer processor.


Based on the testing it actually does work well. It kept the temperature no higher than 50 degrees Celsius‑right where it was supposed to be. There might be some potential downsides to having chocolate-hazelnut goo inside your computer, but now is not a time for negative thinking. Now is a time for celebrating the versatility of Nutella. You really can use it for almost anything.






I'll let you folks try it first. :surprised:

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