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Wujda Think ... Fishing?

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I haven't used my Yahoo account in years. Now this message just appeared in another account.





On September 11, 2016 at 01:07 pm, the mobile number

+66 817838842 was added to your Yahoo account.

You can now use this mobile number to safely recover your account and verify your identity.


If you made this change, youʼre all set.



If not, use this link to remove the number, and change your password.




No idea whose mobigh number that is, but it certainly isn't mine. I figure the link is an attempt to hack into my email. :hmmm:

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Don't click on that link; instead, close the bowser, then reopen the browser and log in to this Yahoo account. Change your password then see if this mobile number was actually added to your account. If it was actually added, then your account was probably hacked; but most likely, what you got is an attempted phishing scam, not a hacked email account.

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