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And Then The General Walked In


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And then the General walked in, as cool as you please. He informed me that my only option was to comply. A decision I soon regretted because I

found myself in his luxury BMW pleading for my life. It was all Torn's fault - that vixen that well; you're a man, surely can't you see you hear: she bewitched me, I swear it! I was given rather short shrift. I was digging a hole for myself and at the time I barely knew it when it all suddenly became clear to me - do you mind those moments when it's like a light switches on and everything makes perfect sense?


I fondly remember the scene now swathed in the beautiful light of distance and reflection, as the General glowered at me I asked him in my best Thai for the honour of his Daughter's hand in marriage - I saw the faintest flicker of a smile on his face, and I smiled for my life it seemed and fairly soon we were both laughing, clapping each other on the back and great fellows once more.


These days we get on like a house on fire. He consults me occasionally particularly about foreign matters, but mostly when we catch up, we open a good bottle of scotch, muse about the kids and the world, and I have to say that life, if it wasn't so odd, is good.

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I suppose what I'm trying to say is that we stutter, and pretend we knew the answer all the time, and everywhere we go we always run. There never was a need to run, to crawl, or a need to pretend, because the answer was always there if we could just care to observe it. To do the honourable thing. Because if you accept that the default position in life is to cheat and steal, then you've only got yourself to blame.


This all actually happened BTW, perhaps I melodrama'd it a bit. But Cap'n I'm a nothing but a melodramatist.

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