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I speak perfect centralized Thai.  I speak different dialects also.  I don't consider this a great accomplishment, I just naturally pick up these things quickly - you might call it a talent, I don't know why other people can't do it - but there you are.

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Well that is dialects for you.  I mind how disappointing it was at the outset to find that out.  As I say I did the linguaphone course for central Thai, and retained a professional tutor.  But when I went to Isaan I could barely understand them.  That was because they were essentially speaking more a dialect of Laos then Thai. 

So I went the whole hog and learned Laos, and backtracked to the Isaan dialect.  Along the way I picked up Khmer and Burmese.  The whole experience took me about 10 years.

But I'm a superb mimic.  I can get my young nephew running to get ready for school, by imitating his Grand mother.  I can convince my wife it is not me sitting in a dark room.  I can ask the old lady at the grocery shop if she wants to come sing Karaoke with me and maybe a bit more.  Life is fun, but only if you learn as you go. 

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