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The rise of the Incel


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I tend to eschew the internet these days using only a handful of whitelisted sites for things like weather, email, data feeds and so forth.  I've successfully avoided things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.  Waste of bloody time.  Because man, every time I start to look around, it's a sick, sick world out there, and just when I think it can't get sicker I hear about the Incel.

Incel stands for "Involuntarily Celibate".  Apparently they wish to avoid the whole business of establishing rapport with one another, maybe gently taking a girls hand on a nice breezy days walk through a park, the sharing an ice cream or meal, the tense and nervous time before you both discover you want that first kiss.  No, they just want hardcore sex and they want it now, because - and get this - they are completely entitled to it - and this is what I don't understand.  I mean even the dumbest Pattaya Addict board member knows that if you want to skip all that stuff, you'd better lay some cash on the table. 

They resent and are jealous of the fact that guys with girlfriends are 'getting it for free', which any normal guy knows is completely untrue.  Girls can be a hell of a lot of work, you can do the tiniest thing wrong and endure the wrath from it for quite literally years.  And God forbid you get married because you could end up living with an ungrateful woman that will decide to ditch the diet, not give you any sex and nag you until you enter an early grave (or escape to Thailand :) ) - then they'll viciously put you through the wringer using your money to lawyer up and taking everything you've worked for.  Not saying that happens to everyone of course, but is well known to happen.  Seems bloody expensive to me. 

It's such a preposterous situation - a seething cabal of frustrated guys beating themselves off to porn and complaining to each other how they are getting rejected by girls when they are not even trying.  I think it's that they don't even really see girls as human beings.  You know people you can actually walk up to smile and have a chat and flirt with while sharing a drink. 

Also for christ's sake these guys need to learn to handle rejection and be a bit patient.  I think what they don't understand is that if you are rejected it's not always the final say.  I've been with a lot girls that were just in a bad mood when you ask them and just needed a bit of time to think.  I'd just say no problem and give her a bit of soft soap about how you're such an interesting person - next thing I know, it might take a day or a week, she's ramming her tongue down my throat.  But yeah, if you're to dumb to realize that, then be an Incel.  What a fucking joke.


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