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    They are all biased to a degree but CCN is more entertainment than real news, I don't think they ever mention Trump without the word racist being included.
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    Is this a court of law now?
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    This guy is pretty cool, not the hair sniffer obviously!
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    As in somebody whose opinions you don't like, yeah we heard that whine before pal
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    How about this guy I kinda imagine he's a bit like you
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    well start with the ones we should not be listening to, if there were a Nobel prize for fake news CNN would have not competition, especially that racist lemon guy.
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    The stock market hit an all time high (S&P 500 that is. DJIA almost got there) but has been falling lately. Don't be surprised of a crash later this month or more likely in October. The stock market has gone up in spite of all economic data saying it shouldn't. Which supports what many of us have said for a while. It's being arbitrarily propped up. The central bank has been propping it up for a while, pre Trump. Trump knows this. He spoke about it during his first campaign and it resonated with the masses because it made sense. Once in he not only let it happen, he would complain the Fed chief isn't doing enough of it. You an only blow up a balloon so far until it pops.
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    People still watch CNN as a reliable, truthful and impartial source? It's crude anti Trump propaganda, they are political activists not journalists.
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