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  1. If sinovac is all that's on offer I will have it and get a better one later. Sinovac is obviously not as good as the others, but should keep you out of the ICU if it came to it
  2. Atrocious and confusing with various statements about their plans from different sources over a 2 week period. I managed to register on the Mor Prom app with my tax number no having a pink card. Have an appt for June14 but have no idea if they will be vaccinating foreigners or not. Going by government 'plans' yes, no, yes but only after all the Thais but before the homeless and beggars. As usual the reality on the ground will differ from what the government says and will change from place to place. Our local walk in centre has been chosen- a large PTT petrol station. Things have been given out
  3. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    It is open if you have COE, $100k covid insurance and spend a few days in quarantine when you get here, better have a vaccination as well as not much chance of getting one here, unless you are Thai.
  4. The Oscar winner Nomadland, not recommended, depressing bleak road movie about a middle aged woman who loses her job and home and takes off in a RV. How does rubbish like this win best pic? she's not even black!
  5. 'Possibility of a review' to 90 day reporting and some other immigration and investment changes in Thailand. Not very likely then.
  6. paul101


    NZ dentists anit cheep though
  7. People actually vote for this crazy bitch!
  8. Except he's right as usual More like if they imagine something has affected them because they are black, some just love being a victim.
  9. Joe will be at the birder any month now
  10. But it's true the old fool Cummings stated in 2016 that Democrats were responsible for the 15th amendment. Maybe he had dementia like Joe? Nothing to do with Trump supporters.
  11. Pat is back on the state of the nation
  12. Give they guy a break Cav, he has was in the senate for 120 years! 😁 The old fool has a dead look in his eyes, could be medication effects
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