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  1. The student debt issue is a tricky one. I am under no illusion Biden's 10k debt relief for those making 125k and under is a campaign stunt for the Dems. That's fairly clear to me if not others. But lets understand this issue a bit more into its history that may help resolve it for all concerns. Student debt can not be written off. This happened if memory serves me correct (and it fails me more than helps these days) this happened in the Homeland Security Act. This was snuck in with a whole lot of other non security stuff. Prior to that, student debt could be included in personal bankruptcies. Why not go back to that? Those that dutifully paid off their debts aren't made to seem foolish and those that can't must have a bankruptcy and all that entails (7 years of bad credit, paying very high interest rates, probably unable to buy a home, etc.). You can get rid of it but there is a cost. Seems the only fair solution.
  2. At first I thought nothing was going to happen to Trump. Traditionally, politicians above a certain level (President, VP, Speaker of the House, Senate pro temp, senior senators, don't get touched. There was this unsaid agreement between the 2 parties. Nixon's crimes were too big to avoid. Reagan and Iran Contra is part of this. This ended in the '90s with the Republicans going after Clinton for lying in a private lawsuit about getting his dick sucked. Republicans attempting to impeach him ended that unsaid agreement. It ended on one side. The Dems still adhered to it. Bush could easily have been impeached. But they didn't. One other reason is the Dems are scared of the Republicans. Republicans have no problem in getting into the mud and making it messy. They simply have no line. There are no Marquis of Queensbury rules with them. The Dems are corrupt traditionally. Many politicians globally are corrupt that way. Just don't go overboard. The election of Trump signaled to the rest of us that the Republicans are completely gone over the deep end. They will excuse and exonerate anyone and any act as long as their man is in charge. There is no line that we can see so far. None. And the Dems are scared of that. It's a certainty that the Republicans will go after any Dem for anything when they get power over the House in November. Things that both parties do that is corrupt but "acceptable" corruption is now going to have congressional investigations. Just another sign. The government in its present incarnation can not function well enough to run a country this size. It doesn't matter if its good for everyone, all Americans, the Republicans won't vote for it if a Dem president proposes it. Unless they get some sort of quid pro quo. They want a quid pro quo for things they approve of because THEY didn't propose it and won't get credit for it.
  3. The Sandy Hook deniers abuse of the victims is one of the sickest things in recent memory. Another symptom of America being too far gone to save itself.
  4. My friend mines. Another thing its noisy as hell. I am probably going to get into as well. I consider myself an environmentalist to some extent. I want us to all go green and so forth but that would all go out the window for mining. Everything else I do (paper not plastic, etc). I'd be a hyprocrite for bitcoin mining for sure.
  5. Your list definitely has Kenya on there. All I can tell you is that all the Kenyans she spoke to didn't and the Thai embassy in Nairobi itself, doesn't have it on its list of requirements. So? She was asked for it. So, you are right. The Kenyans in Thailand page members didn't need it. One would think they wouldn't issue a visa without it and while we were chcking in the ariline listed the requirements and didn't ask for it. So? Admittedly, 100% doesnt' require it is too strong....lol.
  6. I am 100% sureThailand doesn't require a Yellow Fever certificate/clearance. One of the things I had her do was find a Kenyans in Thailand page. There was one and none of them needed it and all of them said it was not required. The clerk at the immigration window was likelly reading off some very old list because they don't get too many Kenyans. In any event, we had a decent time even with our bickering from time to time. One thing that I warned her about when I wasn't about was falang men hitting on her. Edit: I wanted to add that I almost got into it with 2 Brit guys, oen was very, very drunk. The other was a little but sober enough to handle things. Anyway, they were walking past us and one of them comes over to her stinking drunk, while I am with her by th way, "This your girl? She's fucking gorgeous mate. You are a gorgeous bird, ya know that?" I went into Philly mode "Yo, what the fuck?! Yo dude, get ya boy NOW! He did but I was angry obviously but at the same time understood. She wasn't too shaken up but it was on the street, very public (near soi LK Metro). I actually saw them at a bar near there later. I told her that it would rare to see African girls or even black girls at all in Pattaya. So, get used to the stares. When I was there in 2018 there were about a dozen or so African prostitutes that sat a bar inbetween dates on Walking Street but I had heard they were all gone by now. Also, I told her that we would be unique in that we would be a couple going into massage parlors, beer bars, when the woman isn't Thai and especially Black...lol. She got used to the attention. The girls and the mamasan didn't knwo what to think at first. She doesn't readily smile, I told her to smile more so that the mamasan and the girls knew she was comfortable and okay with us there. On soi 6 there was this very pretty girl who was very enamored with her. When I told the Thai girl she likes girls and that my girl thought she was cute that's why we stopped by (not true but it helped), she sat between us and started chatting and touching her. Both have heavily accented english but the language of love (lesbian love) is international. It was a great site to see them eventually making out, french kissing, feeling each other tits, rubbing on each other (after my prodding for my girl to do the same). I kept buying drinks to loosen up the nerves. I just stood back, chatted to the European owner/manager let them go at it. Later, she was surprised that A. She was making out like that with someone she just met and 2. No one really gave a f*ck, not staring, etc, after a minute or so. Suffice to say, she LOVES Pattaya and Thailand. Oh, forgot to say, we spent a day and a half in Bangkok before we took the bus down. She liked Bangkok as well. She's been to Dubai and that's it and the contrast was a bit overwhelming to her from Dubai and Nairobi. One of the things I knew I would love is seeing her experience these things first hand. Both the tourist stuff and the sexual stuff. She LOVED the shopping. I told her it would be fairly cheap prices and styles she wouldn't see elsewhere, plus the knockoff luxury brands were pretty good fakes in some places. I gave her several thousand baht to play with and told her she should negotiate from the street sellers. I showed her how it was done but she would be intimidated and paid the first price. Her favorite thing was a knockoff prada bag she said looked very authentic. Another place she loved was a certain very naughty strip club off Walking Street, which I won't name, but the girls are naked, spank each other and such. She made out with a couple of them as well and was shell shocked seeing girls naked, spankng, kissing, etc. It was a bit overwhelming to her at first but she got used to it. Maybe a bit TMI but in our 3somes she liked sitting back and watching me get blown. I chose a girl with nice fake tits. Hers is kinda small so she likes tits. Anyway, I had her feel up the girl's tits. I told the girl ahead of time that I'd pay a nice tip if she let my girl feel her up, do what she wanted and had a good time. My girl really got into it when I turned the girl over doggy style slipped on the condom and started banging her. She came over kneeled next to me, started kissing me, squeezing the girls ass. When I was ready to cum, she took off the condom and swallowed it all. Yes, what a girl. Hated to lose her but there are other parts of her personality I just couldn't take. Since the breakup she's sent me a message saying she made the biggest mistake not being a better girlfriend. I was a good boyfriend if I can be immodest. I told her she'll learn from our relationship and what not to do with the next guy.
  7. Arrived with my now ex kenyan gf...lol. No, it wasn't because we went to Pattaya, we were having issues prior. She likes girls too, so Pattaya was fun for her too. Anyway, getting her in the country took a lot of work because what was needed specifically wasn't 100 percent clear. She went to the Thai embassy in Nairobi. They thought she was traveling alone and the Kenyan clerk told her it would be denied. My guess is prostitution if a single woman from Africa is coming to Thailand. Anyway, I told her to show that we were traveling together. Her ticket and accomodations had me with her. She was double vaxed as well. We filled out the Thai Pass thing. This included the vaccination report, insurance, housing, flight info. I am currently in Dubai and we left from Dubai. We took Qatar Airways and was told at check in that according to their list, she (and possibly myself) may be required to show 40,000 baht cash to ensure we can fend for ourselves for the 10 days there. Our flight and rooms were already paid for. if you can do that, surely you can feed yourself, no? Well, I went to a currency exchange place after the security screening and got 40,000 baht each....IN CASH. Didn't feel good carrying around that kind of cash. I didn't want to take any chances. I know...I know...its bullshit but why chance showing up at Bangkok and told you didn't fulfil the requirements for entry? She got the visa and this was not a requirement. Her Kenyan bank account had enough money in it (she's a school teacher), I think they wanted to know if she had at least the equivalent of $700 in her account. Anyway, we arrive at BKK and the clerk asks her if she has a yellow fever certificate. Never heard of it. She saw it on some list, probably dated. I did some fast talking and said she lives in Dubai and it was there and not required. The clerk spoke to someone else, said "Dubai", the passport had Dubai stamps so we got in but it was touch and go. My guess is the Thai embassy, the immigration don't all have the same info. They never asked for the proof of 40,000 baht. The point is we (or rather her) was hair close not to be let in over some requirement that is no longer needed. Anyway, the last time I was in Pattaya was Spring, 2018. The city is just getting back to normal. Walking street had a lot of construction and for all intent and purposes, dead. I think after the construction is done and by Xmas it will be close to pre covid19 levels. The bars were mostly empty as well up and down the sois between Beach road and 2nd street. The prices varied for women. My gf, as mentioned, likes women and likes 3somes or watching me bang women (obviously a primary reason for dating her). The quality varied. Overall, tough to find stunners but as I said arriving in June it was the first summer of removing most of the covid19 restrictions. Sometimes people wore masks, somemtimes not and didn't see many places insist on it. The one thing that has changed is there aren't the number of Chinese tourist busses I saw in 2018 on my last visit. I did see a whole lot more Indian families. Husband, wife and kids. That was very surprising. I love Indian food so there were a lot of Indian restaurants to choose from. The middle class there must be growing. Didn't hear too many American accents as well...will take some time for us to get back there. Post script. My Kenyan gf (ex now) is a slim dark skin beauty. Pretty girl. The girls either loved her or hated her. No inbetween....haha. They were either clamoring to touch her, her hair and especially after I said she liked girls (she was a bit shy at first, her first time in Asia), a few were enamored and were squeezing her tits, rubbing on her cooch outside the shorts....haha...she was in heaven. Others had that stink face... We had 3somes with girls who were intrigued and excited about being with her. The weather was decent. A little raining here and there but okay. We did the tourist stuff like elephant rides, Tiger park, and Buddhist temples. It was fun despite our personal issues that we couldj't quite work out between us.
  8. I am not quiet. Without question the best investment of my natural life. And I was in finance when Google, Amazon, Netflix and Tesla were a thing. I see these posts a few times and I laugh to myself because it comes across as sour grapes for not getting in. As my post says, I was fortunate to listen to a 23 year old friend who raved about it. Got my first coins at $200 each. First ones mind you, do the math. lol I assume Stone Soup, the originator of this thread if he is reading these posts has stayed anonymous for a reason and thinking to himself "Steve, why bother mate?" haha I saw it as a 10 year plan. I got into it in 2015 and told my friend, I'll evaluate it all in 2015 when I anticipate my preferred retirement age. I never imagined this kind of return.
  9. I got involved in bitcoin several years ago. I recall it hit $1,000 in January 2017. It then went to $19,000 in December of 2017 then went to as low as about $6,000 in March 2020 and then hit as much as $30,000 by December of 2020 all the way to $69,000 in November of 2021 and now down to roughly $30,000. Just some context. Not gonna argue, not gonna debate, just gonna sit back and let people say whatever..with a big fat smile on my face. I wish we could hear from Junglesoup but my guess he couldn't be bothered, too damn rich to care.
  10. Grace and Diana, I remember those 2 specifically my first trip with a coworker and I who were getting away from our assignment in Tokyo for a weekend. They didn't want to give us a room. They thought we were Nigerian (who were doing runners at the time) until they saw our passports...then it was all smiles. An Aussie guy didn't like what he saw and said 'They're bloody Yanks for godsakes and they can't get a room?' haha I have asked around and I'm told go with Soi Cowboy.
  11. My gf and I (yes, gf) are going to be in Bangkok for one night before going to Pattaya. I have not 'partied' in Bangkok in over 20 years. I always made a bee line to Pattaya. Anyway, its her first trip, she's excited and we want to see the 'best' (subjective) area to spend the night in among Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong (unless I have forgotten another place). Trip is not till June, we'll get in on a Saturday evening, leaving Sunday afternoon probably next day. Trying to see bars, etc, some shopping, maybe 1 'cultural' site. The second issue is a 'decent' hotel. Not looking for 5 star but not 1 star either. PS: we both like girls so its not bringing sand to the beach or 'coal to Newcastle' she is the 'beach' haha
  12. I am currently living in the UAE. Been trying to get exact entry requirements. There rules for U.S. citizens coming from America, UAE citizens coming from the UAE but not an American living in UAE. I see this among my google searches: Printed Covid-19 travel/health insurance with coverage minimum of $20,000 USD They are saying 1 night must stay in a sanctioned hotel for covid19 test. I am more worried about my Kenyan gf who is coming with me if she can get a visa. Both of us are double vaccinated. I'm triple vaccinated (in the UAE), she double vaxed in Kenya.
  13. There are a large number of people (what constitutes large is subjective) making 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars off NFTs. Like anything else, if you understand the space and are smart about, you can make a lot of money. As for Bitcoin, I wish I had some cash right now to get in. I don't think we'll ever see a sub 40k bitcoin again once the next surge happens.
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