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  1. Yaeh, yaeh GUYS, you want some daffodills. No problem for me. I have many daffodills in my garden. Aso a popular spring flower. The daffodil is a timeless classic among spring flowers. The daffodil or yellow narcissus (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) is a species within the narcissus genus, which belongs to the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). It is native to the damp mountain meadows of Western Europe. In Germany, the daffodil is a protected species. Also known as the "trumpet narcissus" because of its flowers, it can be found growing wild in the Eifel, among other places. For hundreds of years there have been cultivars and proven garden forms of Narcissus pseudonarcissus, which enjoy great popularity among hobby gardeners. But beware: the daffodil and its varieties are poisonous in all parts. Have fun! Regards
  2. My main topic today: The tulip - the spring flower par excellence. In Germany one of the most popular spring flowers is the tulip. Between March and May, it sprouts its bell-shaped flowers from the bulb - sometimes mottled, sometimes feathered, in white, yellow, orange, pink, red to purple. In the following I refer and summarize what I have acquired knowledge on some German-language garden sites: The tulip is a genus comprising over 5000 varieties, belonging to the lily family. From wild forms developed through breeding measures in the Orient - Persia - the garden tulips that are widely grown today. They are perennial, bulb-forming plants that can reach heights of up to sixty centimeters. Their basal leaves, about thirty centimeters long, are linear, almost ovate in appearance, and have wavy or smooth margins, depending on the variety. The bell-shaped, solitary flowers appear in many different colors, and after flowering they develop into cylindrical capsule fruits. Particularly attractive are the so-called parrot tulips, which are most common in the color combination blue-red-yellow and have wavy petal edges. The bulb is dug in September or October at a depth of about 15 centimeters. The plant thrives in sunny or shady locations, but needs a well-drained soil. The bulb dies after flowering and forms a daughter bulb that sprouts and flowers the following season. Here in Germany the tulip is the most popular spring flower of all, next to the daffodil. A historical reminiscence For decades, the largest producer of tulips in the world is Holland. The tulip became known in Central Europe through Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, the envoy of Emperor Ferdinand I. As a diplomat in Turkey in the 16th century, he received some tulip bulbs as a gift. Busbecq sent tulip seeds and bulbs to Charles de l'Ecluse, who was first imperial court gardener in Vienna and later professor at the University of Leidenin Holland. He was the first to cultivate tulips in the Netherlands, but only for scientific purposes. Due to a theft from his garden, the plants spread on the free market. Within a very short time, the tulip became the fashion flower par excellence. In the 17th century, the tulip was considered the queen among flowers and became a gigantic object of speculation. Between 1634 and 1637, the period of tulpomania, bids of up to 10,000 guilders were made in Holland for a bulb of the "Semper Augustus," a multicolored tulip with white stripes. At the time, that was the equivalent of an Amsterdam townhouse. However, tulip bulbs became a financial disaster for many Dutch people. The tulip craze ended with a huge stock market crash that put many a speculator out of business. But even today the tulip is the favorite flower of the Dutch and as a mass product affordable for everyone. Thank Buddha! I love my tulips, especially on cold days of early spring.
  3. My garden in Düsseldorf In the cold - much too cold - spring months of March, April, May 2021. I love this piece of nature with its about 600 m². Our family has this garden now 62 years. Earlier in the 60s it was a pure vegetable and fruit garden. Today we have mainly flowers and ornamental shrubs, a large lawn and in addition a few fruit bushes such as gooseberries, currants - red and black - and blueberries and a few perennials of rhubarb. We use these fruits mainly for pies during the summer months! Rhubarb pie with whipped cream, a specialty of my sister. Or I eat the fruits as a delicious dessert; currants with a little sugar on top, a delicacy. The best thing about our garden is the fact that directly opposite is the Biergarten-Stoffeln. In the late afternoon around 5 or 6 p.m. after work is done, I like to stop by there to have a few Alt beers; a Düsseldorf beer specialty. To the end of the day a few beers. Prosit!
  4. She thinks she has overcome the Corona disease. She sends me this picture as proof. She says she has hardly any pain, fever, cough or other symptoms of illness. Now she just has to endure a few more days in the quarantine ward and then she will be released. I am also very happy that she has overcome the disease. But where and on what occasion did she catch it? She spent many months in her hometown, a small provincial town about 70 km west of Udon Thani. There she started a love affair with a married Thai man, father of two small children. He, however, separated from her and returned to his wife and children. She did not know what to do. Pattaya was almost devoid of tourists, the bars and gogos were almost all closed. Nevertheless, she went to Pattaya at the end of March to work as a service girl in a Thai pub to earn at least a few Baht. This Thai pub is actually only for Thai guests; farlangs do not go there. The place belongs to good friends of hers who offered her this job. But after about 2 weeks she realised the futility of her trip to Pattaya and returned home. Even a few Baht could not be earned there. Because the Thais who frequented this Thai pub are all employed in the Pattayan tourism industry and therefore had no money to go out there in the evening. About 8 or 9 days after her return, she developed flu symptoms; she went to the local hospital and the examinations revealed the terrible diagnosis: Corona! She went to the quarantine ward and received medical treatment and now she has beaten Corona. That is the whole story. Her trip to Pattaya - carried by the desperate hope of earning some money - gave her the corona infection and the disease. What is the moral of the story? What can be learned from it? Watch out, keep your distance, get vaccinated quickly and hope you don't get infected yourself. Regards from Jöroman Bakwahn - Nasiadai
  5. Back to the corona sick girl. She tells me that she had the usual symptoms of a cold for about four to five days: fever, aching limbs and an unpleasant dry cough; long-lasting painful coughing fits. Since today, the fever has gone down, as have the coughing fits. The body aches are still there, but are becoming more bearable. In other words, she has obviously overcome the illness. She is on the road to recovery. However, she has to stay in the quarantine ward for a total of 14 days. Only then will she be released. She sent me this picture. It shows her lying in a hospital bed, with part of the hospital room in the background. She looks quite strained. Girl, come back to life. You'll make it. I am sure.
  6. We are still in a current of freezing cold polar air. In the evening after sunset the temperature in the Hamburg area drops to 3° degrees. During the day the in-flowing cold air is "warmed up" to about 9° degrees by the already high position of the sun 5555, 9° degrees. Fantastically warm. When I went shopping earlier, I bought the first ice cream of this young season: "Cremissimo Stracciatella". Wonderfully creamy, interspersed and sprinkled with little pieces of chocolate. Guys, a real treat. Just now, in the evening, after the 8 o'clock TV news "Tagesschau", I ate the whole ice cream in one rut, no, I enjoyed it, celebrated it. 900 ml, 520 g. It was also so cold in my room that I warmed up on this cold ice cream - fresh from the icebox of my fridge! Now I feel sick! I have a stomach ache. There is nothing else I can do: I turn the heating up to full power! 22 April. It's enough to make your teeth chatter. Where, pray tell, is global warming? The meteorologists tell us we are experiencing the coldest April in Germany for almost 100 years. And there is no end to the ice age in sight. It's supposed to get even colder. Hey, local expats, can't we make a deal? You give us 10 degrees of warmth and we give you 10 degrees of cold. Then we would have a fair compensation and we would have pleasant spring temperatures, and it wouldn't be so hot and oppressive in Pattaya.
  7. When the low season gradually started after March 2016, she went back to her town. There she fell in love with a married Thai man who already had two or three children. The end of the story: today she has a sweet four-year-old daughter. When she told me about the affair with the married Thai man and its consequences, I was disappointed and horrified, but at the same time I was happy for her. Last October, November, she got involved again with a married Thai man from her town. He had promised to leave his wife and come to her. He did not keep his promise. He stayed with his wife and children. Thank Buddha, this relationship remained without consequences. For months she has been complaining to me that she is single, that she has no boyfriend. What can one say about this female behaviour? I don't understand the logic of her behaviour. Why does she get involved with married men? She has shown me photos or sent them to me. Sure, they are handsome men; they look good. But married? She must be aware that she is destroying a marriage, that she is taking the father away from small children. Rich? None of them were rich. Maybe an income slightly above the average men earn in Isaan. She is so pretty, so attractive, very sexy(!!!). It must be very easy for her to find a boyfriend who is single like her. What could be the deeper reasons for this weird logic of her heart? Could it be that she wants some form of revenge? Revenge on her fate of growing up without a father? One would have to read Sigmund Freud again ...
  8. Now it has happened. A Pattaya girl I have known since March 2016 has contracted Corona and is in the hospital of her hometown in the quarantine ward. I reported about this girl on German and English language boards in March 2016. I wrote enthusiastically about this girl; corresponding to my memory: I kept coming back to this bar because of one particular girl. She was young, incredibly beautiful, radiantly gorgeous, 19 or just 20 years old. Charming, smiling, friendly girl, always in a good mood, turning to me in a friendly way. Every Baht spent on this lady was well invested. If anyone enjoyed Sanuk, it was me. A cute thing with fantastic boobies; oh my goodness ..... all real, all natural, no plastic. Her breasts are simply world class. I have never seen such wonderful big boobs on another Thai girl, not in my 28 year career. I spent great hours with this girl. If I had been around 28 years at the time, I would have fallen madly in love with this girl. What would I have done then? Would I perhaps have become a Liebeskasper or a Liebesclown – a love freak, love clown? How would I have fared when I returned home a few days or 2 weeks later? I would have been broken. My family would have wondered, would have worried. After three months my boss would have had a first serious talk with me and after another month he would have fired me. I would have crawled into a corner or better I would have moved to a heartbreak hotel and died of lovesickness there. And as I slowly die, I softly sing that old Spanish song we all know: When I left Pattaya, I left my life, I left my love ---> instad of Cuba --> Pattaya When I left Pattaya, I left my heart buried When I left Pattaya, I left its sky, I left its sun I lost my girl and I left my broken heart Since that time, we have seen each other every year. During this time we have developed a kind of father-daughter relationship. Her father passed away when she was a small child; she grew up without a father, so to speak. But she has a big disadvantage. Ugly tottoos. Already 5 years ago I advised her not to get any more tattoos. Large parts of her body are covered with ugly tattoos. I told her clearly at that time that she had really destroyed her beautiful body by the tattoos, made it ugly. She has not had any new ones done since. Thank God! She seems to have listened to me. Now some pictures. 19, 20 years young. She is overwhelming. a more recent picture - she has been looking for a boyfriend for months. Any volunteers? Here LOS RANDAL „Cuando salí de Cuba“ with this wordfamous Spanish tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN7P1B3BD4w
  9. That is exactly what I am trying to say in my text. The constant backward shifts. After the third corona wave comes the fourth, and so on. This is followed by the third and the fourth lockdown. The mortality rate is ridiculously low compared to previous pandemics. It is about 0.15 per cent. The vast majority of those who die belong to an age group that has already reached or significantly exceeded its statistical life expectancy. Politicians must finally reflect on what they are doing. Continue to run down the national economies, destroy millions of livelihoods, create millions of unemployed, let tens of thousands of companies go bankrupt, incur billions in further debt? All this to avoid 0.15 per cent deaths? We can only hope that the vaccination campaigns will have an effect in the near future, i.e. in the next 2 to 3 months.
  10. 15 April 2021 around 6 a.m. in the Hamburg area. Early in the morning I look out of the window and I get a shock. I see hoarfrost on the roofs of the surrounding houses. The roofs are white with a layer of ice. And the windows of the cars are frozen with thick ice. The drivers have to scrape away the ice so that they can see through the window. We had -2 degrees night frost again. That's much too cold for mid-April. Spring when are you coming?
  11. Just keywords: The political leaders are in a dilemma, a quandary. Whatever they decide is wrong. They want to avoid the horror news and misery pictures of overburdened hospitals. That is the reason for the ongoing lockdown measures. At the same time, they lose sight of the proportionality of their measures. I'll point out: our national economy is being run into a brick wall to avoid horror pictures, gruesome news and perhaps 125,000 Corona deaths. In Germany - not only due to the lockdown measures - economic output is falling, unemployment is rising and wages and salaries as well as pensions are stagnating or falling. In addition, the Euro remains weak due to the gigantic expansion of the money supply by the ECB, state financing and zero interest rate policy, and debt borrowing at dizzying levels. The Western currencies have lost about a third of their external value in recent years, including the Euro. What German, what Westerner will then be able or willing to afford a three- or four-week holiday in Thailand? What retiree will then be able or willing to spend three, four or five months wintering in Thailand? I am limiting myself to German tourists. The number of those in active life - those who are employed - will stagnate or continue to decline. The number of retirees - those over 60 or 65 - will also stagnate or even decline. This is the outlook for German holidaymakers.
  12. Some thoughts about the Corona situation. We - humanity worldwide - will have to live with the Corona virus for a long time. It could even happen that the coming holiday season for Thailand from October 2021 until the end of March 2022 will also fall victim to the virus. It is likely that the vaccines offer only limited protection; they seem to be almost ineffective against mutations of the Covid-19 virus in particular. Even doctors and virologists don't know anything for sure. However, the danger of this virus strain and its mutations is grossly overestimated! In historical times, plague, smallpox, cholera, etc. wiped out up to a third of the population; the mortality rate was thus over 30%. In comparison, the mortality rate of the coronavirus is ridiculously low; downright harmless. If the population in Germany were to be contaminated, we would expect a maximum of * 125,000 to 150,000 deaths. Certainly not more. The age at death of the vast majority of corona deaths is around 80 years and older. * in addition, 20,000 to 30,000 people with severe consequential damage. Some comparative figures from the Federal Statistical Office: we had in 2017 approx. 932,000 normal deaths 2018 approx. 955,000 deaths 2019 approx. 940,000 deaths 2020 approx. 970,000 normal deaths. Now, with us humans, mortality is 100%. That is unfortunately the case. I have not heard of anyone who has outlived his life or who has returned from the void, the afterlife, paradise or nirvana because he did not like it there.
  13. BB Verschwinde aus meinen Themenbereichen! Hau ab! Verpiss dich!
  14. I can't stand it any more! I am slowly but surely going crazy. For the last 10 days or so, Central Europe has been experiencing freezing cold weather. A recurring combination of high and low pressure areas brings cold polar air to Germany. Here in the Hamburg area it's temperatures around zero degrees at night, and during the day the thermometer barely rises above 9 degrees. That is much too cold for mid-April. The weather forecast predicts snowfalls and snow showers for the northwest and west of Germany in the next two to three days. What is this? That doesn't make any sense! Where are you, spring? That might still be bearable, but at the same time the government has decided on another lockdown. No restaurants are open, no pub, no music club and no beer garden. No cinema, no theatre, no opera, no museum. I can't go to my favourite pub to have a beer in the evening and make small talk with the other guests. I am isolated in my own flat. My own flat continues to be a miserable prison. I dance and sing the Jailhouse-Rock with Elvis. ok. we've been through this before.
  15. For a week now, the calendar spring has reigned in Central Europe and thus in Germany. It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon - Saturday 27.3.2021 - and I am looking out of the window. A shower of hail and sleet pours over the Hamburg region and for a few moments everything turns white: roofs, streets and paths, yards and gardens. Parked cars turn into poorly built snowmen in a few minutes. Passers-by stretch out their umbrellas to protect themselves against the snow and hail, but the gusty wind blows the umbrellas out of their hands and bends them over. I watch the scenery and I catch myself feeling a sense of Schadenfreude – malicious glee - coming over me. I shiver, I feel cold, I turn up the heating in my living room again. Full blast! Full whack! We are still far from spring, from spring feelings, at least this weekend. The weather forecast promises faithfully that next week it will be warm like spring. Let's hope. I turn away from my window and sit down at my desk and computer. I beam myself into warmer climes. There are only a few vlogs about Pattaya, for example, that one can occasionally watch with pleasure. I mean those videos about Pattaya in which the author and cameraman comment on his video images, his pictorial reportage, interpret them, give additional explanatory information, put his video reportage into a linguistic context. Most video bloggers walk, run or drive through the streets of Pattaya or stroll along the beach streets of Pattaya and Jomtiem without a commenting and explanatory word. Only occasionally is it shown by a superimposed writing where one is at the moment. I am writing here for a predominantly Anglo audience. Here is an Englishman whose vlog I can recommend. Buzzin Pattaya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQrOEfaV_DpQjryQ_QW7YTg Here quiet good; about the Nightwish Group and their bars on Soi 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNlir5cQYZY For the German-speaking crowd, I state: Mot & Frank in Thailand https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaZCI4ksJ3vUVTsmMFHVJQ and here the Swiss guy Mario: MyLand Thailand https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCik-aGJX8BQ8QPF8W6X3Hxw My recommendations and ratings are subjective and very invidual. Others like and prefer other video reports. It's midnight now; it's 3 degrees outside! It's freezing cold. I know a place where it is warmer and more pleasant now.
  16. Thank you, Coss, for the compliment, "very Ernest Hemingway" 5555 But the female members of my family object to such a look! They are outraged, they scold and there is thunder. Long hair and a beard have to be looked after. Grooming can be very elaborate and can be very time-consuming. I prefer it short.
  17. "Hairdresser, barber!" scream my hairs! "We have not been cut for almost seven months. We want a haircut, and we want it now!" And my month-old beard is also calling out: "I want to be shaved off." And my head is shouting in desperation: "Charly, you look just horrible with this long hair and wild beard. Off to the barber! That's an order." That was 6 weeks ago in February when we had frost, ice and snow. I had a bad fall at the pond of the river Este. I wanted to take photos of the frozen pond and the wild birds such as ducks, pigeons, seagulls, etc. Two days ago; I look like a homeless person. Hair dishevelled, unshaven, a wild beard. If my family saw me, oh my goodness. My daughter, my sister! There would be thunder and lightning! A great ranting and shouting. But it was the conversation with my Dutch girl, the girl with pearl earring, Meisje met de parel, that tipped the scales. "If you don't go to the hairdresser today and have your hair and beard trimmed thoroughly and short, then I'm no longer your girl, then I'll terminate my friendship with you.” That was the striking argument, the killer argument, and at the same time a terrible threat. She threatens to be no longer my communication partner, my secret advisor and my bosom friend. So I immediately made my way to the hairdresser. Frau Monika - that's the hairdresser's name - was very happy when she saw me. She immediately took out the scissors and the clippers and threatened me with them: “I'm about to activate these two devices and they'll turn you into a real gentleman again." Here is the result. Back to normal.
  18. But now to Soi 4 , Nana.It is a disaster. It's catastrophe, a tragedy. My heart is sick. My beloved Soi 4, my most beloved Nana Plaza. The pubs are closed, restaurants are closed - among them is the "Heidelberg", here you can get the best German home cooking. You hardly see any people in this video. There are hardly any tourists; you can count them on the fingers of one hand. The question is whether the bars, the pubs and restaurants and also the hotels will open up again in the post-Corona period and recover and be able to return to their old turnovers? I don't see any problems on the supply side. The Thais are pragmatic and millions of workers are looking for well-paid jobs. But how will it be on the demand side? Will there be enough (solvent) tourists? And if so, which tourists will they be? The number of Asian men will - as before - continue to rise, while Western men will become fewer and fewer. Slowly, slowly. I have described and discussed this topic in detail here. http://thai360.com/index.php?/topic/65482-my-corona-diary-december-2020-2021/page/5/
  19. John Bingham, 7. Earl of Lucan From the German Wikipedia; an excerpt: Bingham war der älteste Sohn von George Bingham, 6. Earl of Lucan, und Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne Dawson. Als Heir apparent seines Vaters führte er von 1949 bis 1964 den Höflichkeitstitel Lord Bingham. Er hatte zwei Schwestern und einen Bruder. Er studierte am Eton College und diente danach als Offizier bei den Coldstream Guards. 1963 heiratete er Veronica Mary Duncan. Beim Tod seines Vaters erbte er 1964 mit 29 Jahren dessen Titel als 7. Earl of Lucan. Binghams Mutter starb 1985. Er arbeitete als Merchant Banker, aber nach dem Gewinn von 26.000 £ beim Kartenspiel Chemin de Fer in Le Touquet gab er diese Tätigkeit auf und wurde Berufsspieler. Durch seine Spielsucht häufte er erhebliche Schulden an. Zum Zeitpunkt seines Verschwindens war er praktisch bankrott. Zum Kreis seiner Freunde, mit denen Lucan regelmäßig im Clermont Club in London spielte, gehörten unter anderem Charles Saatchi und James Goldsmith. Translation: Bingham was the eldest son of George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan, and Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne Dawson. Heir apparent to his father, he held the courtesy title of Lord Bingham from 1949 to 1964. He had two sisters and a brother. He studied at Eton College and then served as an officer in the Coldstream Guards. In 1963 he married Veronica Mary Duncan. On his father's death in 1964, aged 29, he inherited his title as 7th Earl of Lucan. Bingham's mother died in 1985. He worked as a merchant banker, but after winning £26,000 at the Chemin de Fer card game in Le Touquet, he gave up this occupation and became a professional gambler. His gambling addiction caused him to accumulate substantial debts. At the time of his disappearance he was virtually bankrupt. His circle of friends, with whom Lucan regularly played at the Clermont Club in London, included Charles Saatchi and James Goldsmith. Newspaper articles in the German tabloid press reveal that Lucan accidentally killed the nanny in the dark. He probably wanted to kill his wife, who had custody of the children. He was in a desperate situation, he was probably no longer in control of his senses and his mind. A German tabloid magazine "Gala" reports that the son of the slain nanny tracked down the guy in Australia. Lord Lucan Hält sich der mutmaßliche Nanny-Mörder in Australien auf? Is the suspected nanny killer in Australia? https://www.gala.de/royals/briten/john-bingham--kann-der-mutmassliche-nanny-moerder-geschnappt-werden--22215224.html#:~:text=John%20Bingham%20alias%20Lord%20Lucan%2C%20geboren%201934%2C%20war%2C,darauf%20verschwand%20der%20siebte%20Earl%20of%20Lucan%20spurlos. These are stories that only life can write.
  20. "Even in the city's red-light district, which used to be discredited for widespread sex tourism, new business models are needed. Before the crisis, Englishman Bryan Flowers ran two dozen bars in a street full of go-go bars. Only a little more than half of them are open at the moment." "There are hardly any walk-ins any more. But Flowers has found a new source of income. He set up improvised broadcasting studios between the bar and the music system. Twelve hours a day, scantily clad barmaids present themselves in front of webcams for live streams on the internet. Viewers are invited to buy them virtual drinks in exchange for a personal thank-you video - completely G-rated. Flowers doesn't want to risk being blocked by payment processors. In the meantime, he makes half of his revenue from digital. "We wouldn't have survived without livestreaming," he says." As I said before: Necessity is the mother of invention. The success of the webcams proves the bars, the bar operators and the girls right.
  21. "The slump in business is unprecedented: Until the beginning of the Corona crisis, Thailand's tourist numbers were still growing unchecked to 40 million holidaymakers a year at last count. In the meantime, visitor numbers have plummeted by 99.8 percent year-on-year. Economic output plummeted by 6.1 per cent - the biggest drop since the Asian crisis at the end of the 1990s. Every second employee in tourism lost his job. For this year, economic researchers expect at best a slight recovery. Thailand's central bank sees the question of when tourists will be able to return to the country as the main risk for the country's economic future." "The crisis has set Pattaya back decades - even the rubbish collection service is feeling the effects. Before the pandemic, they collected 500 tonnes of waste a day. Of the estimated 500,000 inhabitants, 300,000 have left the city, according to the authorities - mainly people from rural areas who hoped for higher incomes in the city's once thriving tourism industry. "There is almost no one here anymore," says a waitress who introduces herself as Kannika, in what used to be a mostly crowded "walking street". Her basic salary is 110 euros a month - plus just under one euro for each drink sold. What provided a good income in the heyday of the tourism business is now barely enough to survive. "We can't keep this up much longer," says the 43-year-old." I believe that the Thai tourism industry will recover very quickly in the post-Corona period. The Thais are very pragmatic and solution-oriented. My objection, my concern: Many Western tourists will probably not be able to come because of the devastating economic development in many Western countries. Corona is acting as a kind of accelerant for the economic decline of many Western countries. Please do not misunderstand me. Western holidaymakers will continue to come to Thailand and Pattaya, but their numbers will continue to decline steadily.
  22. Now we move on ... An interesting article in the Handesblatt about the Thai tourism industry in Corona times. https://app.handelsblatt.com/politik/international/suedostasien-thailands-wirtschaft-am-boden-im-paradies-geht-die-verzweiflung-um/27005630.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-de-DE&ticket=ST-4119954-09Aedy3T1ffdFyEfHlbB-ap3 Thailands Wirtschaft am Boden: Im Paradies geht die Verzweiflung um Thailand's economy is down: Desperation is rampant in paradise. Von: Mathias Peer Preliminary remark: Handelsblatt is one of Germany's leading and most important newspapers for business, companies, economics. The author of this article - Mathias Peer - probably knows neither Bangkok nor Pattaya. He has obviously written this essay with the help of several well-informed sources as well as public sources. Sure, one notices - as a connoisseur, an insider of Bangkok and Pattaya - that the author has no authentic knowledge of details and specific features. His aim is to show a rather ignorant readership how terrible the effects of the worldwide Corona crisis are on the Thai tourism industry. I translate a few paragraphs and present them now.
  23. Mekong, Let's wait and see how things develop with the webcams. In the post-Corona times, when Pattaya and the bar business are back to normal, we will see how the bars manage the use of the webcams. In recent years, one thing has struck me as unpleasant. When I entered a beer bar, e.g. in Soi 7 / 8, they only paid attention to me briefly, namely when I ordered my drink. After that, all the girls were immediately busy with themselves and their smartphones. Many other guests also had this negative experience. It is up to the bar management to stop this bad habit. An example: At the start of work, all girls have to switch off their smartphones. After about 4 hours, they are allowed to check their smartphones for a period of 15 minutes. After that, they have to switch them off again. It is up to the bar manager to ensure discipline.
  24. Mekong, I anticipated this objection. I wrote the following as a possible alternative for the use of webcams; I quote myself: "Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed." I know from reports via Facebook, Youtube and other social media that this offer has been used by many Pattaya holidaymakers prevented because of Corona. Many have laughed, joked, flirted, talked and spent lots of ladydrinks for the bar girls via webcam.
  25. Have I given out ladydrinks via webcam in the past weeks and months? No! There is a very weighty reason 555555 I haven't been to the hairdresser for over 6 months! Corona related. Barber shops are closed. I haven't shaved in over 2 months! I look like the most horrible character in a horror movie. Girls would be scared to death if they saw me on screen. But basically now: I wouldn't do that. No. If I know a girl who has got into financial difficulties because of the Corona crisis, then I help with a money transfer. I did that several times in the past months. I have transferred from 1,500 baht to 10,000 baht to very specific girls whom I have known very well for years (including their personal, family circumstances). Once again: Only to girls I have known very well for years and who don't lead me down the garden path. (ein X für ein U vormachen – in German) So, now I can be flamed by you …
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