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  1. I hear different opinions / rumors as to when the curfew will end. At one point I heard it would end today, Monday 26 May. Does anyone know for sure? Is there any source of official information in English? Thanks, GG
  2. Google translate says "ความคิดเห็น" - kwam khid hen GG
  3. gawguy

    "miss" "ms."

    On the other hand, you guys haven't been a lot of help on this one. One of you married guys must know what little word play makes your wife laugh. Yes? GG
  4. gawguy

    "miss" "ms."

    When I send a txt to a lady who has come to my room a couple of time and I start out "Swasdeekahp TiRak" - that always gets a laugh.
  5. gawguy

    "miss" "ms."

    I use her nickname and Khun. "Khun Lek" for girl a named Lek. "Khun Pah" for a girl named Pah. I'm trying to be a little funny, excessively polite. My question is: Do you think a Thai woman would find it funny?
  6. gawguy

    "miss" "ms."

    I send text msgs in Thai to women and I often like to call them "Miss Lek" - so I'll say "swasdiikhap khun Lek" in Thai. My intent is to be playful as it would be if I were writing or talking to a young farang woman friend in a casual way. It gets a smile. I wondering if I'm totally off track trying to do this in Thai. Is there a better way to do it? What do you think? Thanks...GG
  7. This is from a Thailand website called Coconuts. And these girls do have some coconuts. http://bangkok.coconuts.co/2013/10/19/sex-bombs-10-thai-beauties-60s-and-70s
  8. Tryting to put link in a post and when I click on the icon I get a big box with a lot of things I haven't encountered. I just put the url in its box and then clicked okay and nothing happened. What's with all the boxes to fill in? Like "email address" and a bunch of others. Surely you don't have to put in all that just for a link? GG
  9. gawguy

    Missed Call

    How do you say, "I saw a missed call from you." Also, "I don't have that number." Then I ask "What is your name?" I know that one. I looked at google translate for the first one and got: ผมเห็นสายจาà¸à¸„ุณ. Really? Is "Sai jak khun" a "call from you." What do Thai phones use where we have "missed call." Thanks, GG
  10. Thank you WorldFun. I can't tell if you are serious or not. All her msgs to other people arrive normally.Her msgs to me are not delayed - they NEVER come Can I switch to DTAC and keep my phone number? In USA you can. I've had this number for 10 yrs. GG
  11. This is weird.. I do a lot of texting to this and that lady, but there is one whose txt's don't get through to me. It's so weird. We both have AIS ... aka 1,2, Call. We've each had our same numbers for a long time. I can text her, she gets it instantly. I can call her and she can call me, no problem. But her texts NEVER arrive. It's not that they are slow in arriving, they never arrive. We've tested this all out sitting side-by-side. Neither of us has any other phone problem - texting to everyone else is normal. I went to an AIS shop today, but it seemed they had never heard of
  12. Okay.. A transliteration is okay then. Thanks.
  13. Hello Lads.. There is a young lady I know who has shown up at my door unexpectedly a couple of times. I didn't answer her knock. I have told her before that she has to have a confirmed date before coming over. Verbally didn't get through, but I think texting might. So how do I write something like: We must have a date before you come to my room... or Don't come to my room unless we have a date... and also Don't come to my room today... (Actually this raises another point - should I be saying "don't go" instead of "don't come.") Please respond in Thai. Thank you,
  14. Thanks for the input lads! I want to correct something I said before. It's true that it seems that only women say this (and let's forget about ladyboys entirely) but surprising to me and correct me if I'm wrong, it's not true that they say it when hugging a cute child. I was talking to a woman about this yesterday and she was very clear. It is only said between two people in a couple, and (of course?) men aren't silly enough to say it. So women say it when they grab their partner's cute little whatever. Hand? Nose? I don't know about your culture, but in the US, people, mostly women, delig
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to be something that only women do and say, so I assume its first purpose was to be said while hugging a kid who just did the cutest little thang. One of those cute, girly behaviors, and rare because lady boys don't do it. Like nursing. (Lady boys have very confused relations with children, methinks.)
  16. I've heard this expression forever but I'm trying to translate it more exactly. I usually hear it when a girl squeezes some part of my body and says "mahn khiaow" with a big smile. I've looked up the words but I still can't make sense of the expression and it's not in thai-language.com dictionary. Thanks.. GG
  17. When a woman was leaving she said, "เทคà¹à¸„ริ์ตัวเองบ้าง" It means take care of yourself, but what is the effect of adding บ้าง at the end? Thanks...GG
  18. gawguy


    Yes, that seems about as well as it can be said. I was asking a Thai woman who was here last night and she said about the same, using ข้างนอà¸. Thanks..GG
  19. gawguy


    I've looked in two dictionaries and on line and this is confusing. How do I refer to the hallway outside my room? โถง thong seems to be closest. I want to be able to say, for example, "I open my door because the air in the hall is nice and cool." How could I say that exactly? I'm also not sure how to say "air" in this context. Thanks. Gaw Guy
  20. Oh well... I'm going home in two weeks. I'll be back in April and I'll look for a 2nd hand phone at that time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see them at Tukcom, which seems to be "the place" for rich facebook-loving Russians, Indians and farangs to plunk down whatever on their mobile device infatuton. Aside from that: I sat next to someone making video of bicyclists doing tricks at the beach. It was night time, low light and he was getting a nice bright image on a large-screen Sony phone. Impressive. Thanks for all the input. GG
  21. Yes.. I think that's the one. It has a large screen and 2 SIMs. Since it's a copy and you say "Beware" I guess the pitfalls would be that some functions wouldn't work right and that it might quit altogether. That is the kind of thing you'r talking about? The vendor said "Original 10,000B."
  22. I looked for Atrix 2 at Tukcom and was told no one sells Motorola, go to BKK. Tukcom is 50+ vendors selling about 10 phones. What about a copy? I saw a Samsung Note Mini 3 for 1,500. I went over to the tent market across the street and saw one that looked about the same from the front - 1,000. I'm thinking I'll catch hell for even asking. GG
  23. I don't need video caIling. I don't want GPS or any of the social network bulls--t. I was looking around Tukcom for awhile today. What a headache. It would be nice to have a larger screen. And a tablet would be best but the prices! I don't want to spend more than about 3,000B and I didn't see tablets for that. And I couldn't identify used phones. I asked once and was told "No have." I know they are out there somewhere cause Thai people buy them. Maybe Tukcom is the wrong place. (BTW: I've had an iPod Touch 3g in USA for 3 years. I use it all the time but only for podcasts. I used t
  24. I see that I can be anonymous on a smartphone in TLand, in other words I don't have to subscribe to a service. I need backup access to internet and Skype in case I have a problem with my Windows 7 laptop. I will buy a phone a Tukcom in Pattaya. I would want to start with a 2nd hand phone as cheap as possible. This is just a backup. I already have a dumb phone. Please suggest a phone that will work for me. And give me any other opinions about buying a phone as backup. There are a lot of reasons I haven't wante a smart phone. I have an ipod touch in USA but I don't like trying to write w
  25. They push updates as "critical security update" which makes it sound like you won't be safe without them. Your approach is really interesting. Also you don't have to be concerned that MS stops supporting xp in April 2014. Maybe I'll just restore an old image of the c: drive. Thanks..GG
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