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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMe2c0_MYy4
  2. Auditors Find No Fraud in Disputed New Hampshire Election [url=Windham, NH Recount: Election Audit Begins Tuesday – NBC Boston]LINK[/url] Try as they may. It ain't any voter fraud.
  3. Thanks baa. Always at one of those 3 stools. Meandering. Watching the world go by without a worry in the world. Other then my Heineken getting warm !
  4. Thanks Flash. Yep. That's my stool. Well. Not mine. But my favourite daytime/afternoon Heineken spot.
  5. Nana area. Got one of those new fangled smart tele - with YouTube videos. So I search/type Nana Hotel. And voila. A bunch of amateur videos comes up about the Nana Hotel and the Nana Plaza - area. Good Lord. What the hell is Hooters doing in the Nana Hotel? My favourite stool on the end of the Golden Beer Bar - facing Nana Hotel vehicle entrance/exit - outside/side/front Nana Hotel is GONE.! Don't stop thinking about tomorrow - YESTERDAY'S GONE !
  6. There is a website someplace that explains the differences. As I recall. There are 5 variants. The cheaper one has plastic bezel and battery mechanics. There is the Chinese replica. The Japanese Replica. And actually there is a Swiss made replica. Have been advised to always get the silver colored bands. Never the gold colored bands - as they turn greenish with moisture. I paid $ US 20-40 dollars. Prices do vary from place to place.
  7. Hua Hin - one of my favourite places in Thailand. A tad more laid back.
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody The film/movie grossed $216.4 million in the United States and Canada, and $687.3 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $903.7 million, against a production budget of about $52 million.
  9. Well stated ! Just a matter of time.
  10. In your experience living in Thailand. Which visa do you prefer: Marriage Visa or Retirement Visa. And why?
  11. This has been stated time and time again. Over and over. For many elections. Local, State, and Federal. IT DOES NOT WORK. Just because someone runs/starts a successful business has absolutely no bearing of becoming a successful government leader. Older case in point. Governor Craig Benson. Start up company - Cabletron. Became successful and rich. Ran for and won NH governor. 2 year term. Promised to bring "business" practices to the state house. Cut "waste, fraud, and abuse". One of Benson's first acts was to tell all state department heads to cut 10% fr
  12. WWII The "unknown" parts of the Thai Burma railroad. We have the Japanese to "thank" for this construction. How many WWII POW's died making this railway? How many "natives" died making this railway? http://youtu.be/mi8b-Kg-roY I did take the Bridge on the River Kwai tour. Out of Bangkok. Did not see any of this on that tour.
  13. Ah . . . . . . . .Times - they are a changing . . . . Thank you Stickman. For decades I would refer folks to the Stickman web site for a good read. Those that would listen to my Thailand travel adventure tales. Those that would dream of a trip to Bangkok, Thailand and beyond. An institution that over time will turn into a fond memories. Thank you Stickman for the adventure we all call Thailand.
  14. Donald Trump Jr. released his emails to the Russians. LINK The Trump organization is handing out life jackets.
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