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  1. Fair enough BB, at least this Antwerp girl won the 'battle of the bulge', unlike her American counterparts. ::
  2. BB, on a trip to England in April I actually met a Belgian girl, from Antwerp, on a train I took to Cambridge. She was very personable, not a beauty but cute enough for a one off. We talked the whole way from London to Cambridge and she gave me her card and said call her when I got back to London. An American woman wouldn't do that. I've been to Europe before and found the women there better than American women. But maybe its a grass is greener thing for me and if I had to live in Belgium or one of the other European countries I'd change my mind. As for the 2nd item. That was not my view but the view of the American women I've met. I agree with you. I've met some very stubborn TGs. Who are their own person. Generally though American women would take offense to the 'up to you' response that the TGs would give. They see that kind of politeness as a submissive gesture. I've told American women repeatedly that what they better fear is the word getting out to American men about Asia and South America. The vast majority of men here put up with a lot of the crap because they feel they have no other option. In regards to the original thread, I will again say that the greatest power is being able to say no to the golden one when its used as a power move. As I said before and what I've told certain women here. "..I need p***y, I just don't need your p****y..." In the scene the BGs realise that. They know you can simply take your baht elsewhere. What they strive to do is get to you emotionally so you don't want any other. Which is what all women try to do no matter where you live.
  3. "..the fault lies in ourselves..." I don't blame women for treating it as such because we're the ones that let them. Like others, I thought I had to because they were the only option. However, I now know that there are far better options in Brazil, Thailand, even europe (even though our european counterparts on here would probably disagree). Having traveled abroad and being treated a lot better than women in my own country, it has made it easier to date in the states. I can take it or leave it. The biggest advantage you have is the power to say no. I recall a woman I was dating who was acting up and I decided not see her anymore. She said 'don't act like you don't want any pussy' and I told her 'I need pussy. I just don't need your pussy right now'. The biggest threat to falang women is if word gets out there are millions of women outside their borders that will cater to men much better than they can or will. Many female friends have tried (unsuccessfully) to talk me out of considering marriage to a Thai, Brazilian or 'foreign' woman. I say, why should I stay and suffer like the rest of the men here? 'Oh Steve, you won't be happy' 'You'll have nothing in common' 'You don't want someone who will just be submissive to you, do you?', 'She'll just use you for citizenship and a visa'. I have heard it all.
  4. You're assuming I was aware of this before I posted right? Also, not to belittle any human suffering, each person has to make a judgment for themselves. Thousands still visit mainland China despite proof of prisoner slave labor. Some may even say why visit the U.S. for certain things domestically as well as internationally. Each person has to make their own judgment. Using your implied criteria, most of us would probably have to limit our holidays to Sweden....and I bet someone could come up with a good reason not to go there as well.
  5. It would have to take something major. Something that probably most of the world would join in. More than likely of a politcal or cultural basis. Something on the level of the boycot of South Africa or Lybia years ago. If I'm consistently mistreated personally, then I'd stop going. Other than that the country can't get rid of me, I'm stuck on the place.
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