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    He already commented on it, bad form indeed.
  2. The knock on from the plane shoot down seems to have played well into the Trump regimes hands. That the Iranian military are clearly shown to be a bunch of bumbling buffoons could not be more beneficial. Who'd a thunk that killing a general could reap such a reward.
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    The expulsion of Iran's ambassador to the UK would seem an appropriate response.
  4. True Detective Series 1 Superb performances from both Harrelson and McConaughey. Some nice T&A in places. Worth the watch.
  5. That just says he was not apprehended when boarding in Bangkok for Japan. He was caught in Japan. Scanning facilities in Thailand are generally pretty weak, or at least they have been. Another reason to suggest that the detection of contraband in luggage in these cases is less than likely through due diligence. Who's going to say what really happens to a senior police generals (bagman) luggage when it is checked in?
  6. Never mind arriving in a country with a piece of live ammunition in your baggage, checked or hand carry. The bigger question is what country would allow anyone to board an aircraft with a piece of ammunition in checked or hand carry? I would certainly like to be aware of any countries with aircraft boarding security for persons or luggage that is so weak. Getting on a plane with the knowledge that someone somehow managed to get who knows what on board should be the real concern. Maybe next instead of a bullet we can go for just a small incendiary device.
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    Point well made 😁
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    Written by a two year old as well it seems.
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    So not exactly the kind of guy I should trust with my pocket fluff?
  10. You just know there's a movie out there somewhere 😀
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    Wars have become so unpopular 😒
  12. It's not so much the numbers, more the 'type'. Australians and New Zealanders, welcome, Hong Kong Chinese, welcome, so long as you remember to stay in the restaurant business. Scandinavians, okay, not too bad, especially if you're female and under 30. Republic of Ireland, no problem, but it's general contracting and roadworks, maybe taxi driving. Americans, if you promise to quieten down a bit and stop bloody complaining about the sausages. Other former colonial types, fair enough, but with limits, we know we pretty much screwed your entire nation for many decades so we'll let a few in and call it quits. All you other buggers, sod off!
  13. Any updates? I drove past yesterday evening around 6pm so only managed a quick glance, traffic was light, Looked like the places on the street have the lights on so I'm guessing they at least are open. Someone must have been. Will be a couple of weeks before I make another field trip to darkest Sukhumvit I think.
  14. Yes but the crash, the crash, globally we could all benefit and desperately need a great thundering 1929 crash. A big one, wipe out a whole generation and start again, a big crash is what's needed. It's coming, it's got to be, a real almighty one, not some piddly little bank fold up that they were able to massage and hide like the one in 2008, no a real crash. something that would make anything on paper worthless and only hard tangible material things of value worth anything. Something that would put half of Americans back in the fields and gasoline around $50 a gallon, a bit like the way half the world sees things already.
  15. Fuckyou Travel ? What a great name for a company that was a part of the TC meltdown.
  16. And these are just the ones with the publicly accountable and declarable money
  17. It's very evident that immigration was the single, in some case the only, issue that sold Brexit. Had the referendum offered remaining in the EU but without the free movement of people it would have been a landslide. That's really all anyone there wants and is key among those places that swung from left to right in this last election. They want Brexit done and the foreigners out. The English are a remarkably xenophobic lot, I should know! With the Eastern European cheap labour gone it will be the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of the current welfare recipients who can secure jobs in McDonalds, Sainsbury's or down on the farm come harvest time. Of course they will not work for £3 an hour so wages, and hence prices will need to rise in order to satisfy demand. The spiral of inflation that will result might encourage external investment depending on any rules that might be in force to either help or hinder such activities. On the upside the loss of a large market of Europeans willing to invest and buy into the property market might provide an accommodation glut causing house prices to fall with a number of banks forced to declare insolvency through bad loans as people decide its not worth paying the mortgage anymore.
  18. Call me cynical but I think they have finally woken up to the fact that this will be the next cash cow. Plastic bags were effectively given away, now they can start charging for proper bags, and they won;t be cheap. At least until the market is saturated in knitted carry wear there's money to be made. Open an environmentally friendly bag store now, you have a limited window.
  19. Haha, indeed, fine wines they be I'm sure, though perhaps a little advanced from my own particular preference. However a friend the other night did state that he considered me a connoisseur of the more "Rubenesque" creatures, not a charge I would deny given his own preference for the more stick like that disappear when they turn side on. As always in BKK, horses for courses and all that.
  20. And another one! A man was shot and killed after he set off a booby trap in his own home on Thanksgiving night. Ronald Cyr, 65, of Van Buren, Maine, died of injuries sustained at his home on Nov. 28 after a handgun that was designed to fire upon anybody entering the front door of his residence went off. Officer Chandler Madore and the Van Buren Police Department, assisted by the U.S. Border Patrol, responded to a call indicating that Cyr had been shot. But when officers arrived on scene they discovered that he had been injured by a booby trap that he had allegedly set up himself, according to a statement released by the Van Buren Police Department. http://abcnews.go.com/US/booby-trap-kills-man-home-thanksgiving-night/story?id=67414907&cid=clicksource_4380645_null_headlines_hed
  21. Verily, thou shalt be arrested for offering gambling, the most heinous of crimes ever seen in these parts.
  22. I have two passports, both UK, both active, same reason as your friend. Never been an issue here over about 4 or 5 years I was working in the Middle East and traveling back here in and out on 30 day stamps, no problem. Most visits then were 10 days or so and once every few weeks. I would alternate the passports with no real concern. It did get commented on one time in Doha when I was in and out on visit visas before I had a residency permit but I just mentioned that I had two for business purposes and that was fine. Plenty of countries issue two if asked for though I know that now in UK they want to see some supporting evidence as to why you need it, letter from company MD/CEO etc.
  23. Good. Hope I can get outside to do some projects without wilting 😀
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