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  1. There's some tidy ones. Lydia is from Middle Earth. LOS also has a few nice ones slapping balls around 😀
  2. As long as you don't publish them for the world to see I would say not.
  3. Who remembers the Orange Undie Brigade?
  4. I know they have had Happy Pizza for a long time in Phnom Penh no idea about LOS
  5. I think teh original account is closed of taken down
  6. Not exactly sure why this particular girl got singled out as plenty others put on a show. Maybe the envelope was empty.
  7. Scotty from Marketing has done pretty well here He managed to piss off the French and the Chinese in one go
  8. Lewis appears a tad confused at the moment......either that of his right leg is about to marry his left leg
  9. Spoon full of peanut butter provide a good laugh
  10. OK thanks for that. Still think Verstappen is a
  11. If my memory serves me correct Hamilton was one of the drivers who lobbied against it's introduction. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton crash out of Italian GP; Hamilton praises halo for saving him A simmering battle in Formula One erupted in spectacular fashion as championship leader Max Verstappen and defending champion Lewis Hamilton crashed out of the Italian Grand Prix, with Hamilton crediting the halo for saving his life.As both Hamilton and Verstappen fought for position midway through the race, their cars came together in a move that could have seriously injured Hamilton.Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff went as far as describing it as "a tactical foul" by Verstappen."The stewards will decide who is to blame," Wolff said. "In football you would call it a tactical foul. He knew that if Lewis stays ahead, then that is the race win."In the end, the stewards did decide, judging that Verstappen "was predominantly to blame for the collision".They gave the Red Bull driver a three-place grid drop for the start of the next race, the Russian GP on September 26."I'm proud of the stewards," Hamilton said after learning of their decision."I need some time to really reflect on it but I think it definitely sets a precedent and I think it's important for us, moving forwards, for the safety of the drivers, that there are strict rules set in place.
  12. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Two Marines are driving through Kabul The Marine driving says "Had the best Afghan girl last night" The second Marine says "Really!! Tell me more" Marine driving says "She was fantastic. Fucked her pussy. Fucked her ass so hard" Second Marine says "Did you get a blowjob?" Marine driving says "Nah...couldn't find her head"
  13. Kong.....We all know Biden has bigger hands than Trump
  14. Hoping MPIH has been there. Iconic place. Interesting Gallery which funnily contains someone mentioned earlier https://www.harryscafedewheels.com.au/aboutus https://www.harryscafedewheels.com.au/gallery?pgid=jzjhvavy-8a73dcb0-8f8f-4e2a-816a-2036b5cc33b4
  15. Wasn't it The Donald who did the deal with them?
  16. bust


    Aussies refer to a DONK as a disproportionate engine in a car
  17. Nah traditional for me although I am partial to a Tiger from 'Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Harry's has been an iconic part of Sydney for over 80 years. Became a bit of a must visit for celebrities. Lots of pics and autographs framed and hung up around the place. Sinatra, Ali, Prince Harry. Even Colonel Sanders popped in.
  18. I would love to hear her do a Dog Faced Hermans' cover
  19. Movies. The Castle Songs. Great Southern Land Books. Hooky The Cripple Food. Dogs Eye
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