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  1. The Casey Heynes Interview zsu3b89uaOU
  2. Why would you go to Hong Kong to meet a Thai girl? Some very cute chinese girls in Honkers. Dozen massage parlours in Hong Kong island and even more in Kowloon. Most of them have women from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia as well. In Hong Kong, prostitution is legal, as long as it is one woman who is a legal resident so always be aware of the risks. In the clubs you will find all kind of Hong Kong girls. Some are strictly in it for the money, well others are actually looking for steady boyfriends. Now has anyone been to Macau? Interested to hear their thought.
  3. You had it easy We used to get the leather strap delivered parallel to the fingers not across them. So most of the time the impact was from the tip of the fingers right up the hand and sometimes over the wrist. We had one particularly vicious teacher who had failing eye sight who sometimes struck students on the upturned lower arm. I remember once getting six of the best for pasting pics of bikini clad girls on the inside cover of my science book....
  4. Yep that is how I see it as well....you can see it buckle under his weight. I don't think he realized as he was in shock at how it backfired on him.
  5. Stand corrected it actually took place at Chifley College Mt. Druitt. Anyone who knows Sydney will know that Mt Druitt is a pretty rough part of the western suburbs with serious social issues. I always gave my sons permission to use violence if they were pesistently bullied. If they got into trouble they were to tell the teacher "you are not protecting me so I need to protect myself" This from the school this incident took place's web-site http://www.mtdruitt-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/bullying.html
  6. Happened at a school in the outer suburbs of Newcastle. My son actually sent it too me. He is about the same age and hated bullies. Most schools have an anti-bullying policies but extremely difficult to police. Unfortunately the kid being bullied will be the one charged with assault causing actual bodily harm. Apparently the bully's leg was actually broken from the impact.
  7. Depp played HST so well. Remind me to tell you the story of my mates interview with him and the Glen Fry incident next time we talk.
  8. Went and saw the Clash in Sydney on their magnificent seven tour during the '80s Saw these guys too...... :bangit: 1eyROvw6zbY
  9. What you are basing all this on is as you put it "hearsay" I have been visiting SEA for over 17 years and are yet to encounter any NGO trying to take my photo and I regulary visit one of the most heavily NGO populated areas in Thailand. Some of what you say about the waste of funds is true however your fears seem a bit hysterical.
  10. Think he is referring to the myth all sex-workers are entrapped and held against their will but there is a brigade of white nights monitoring evey tourists move. Just not reality from my experience.
  11. No not really. Some just do it because they care. Others do it because they are on some soul searching crusade. The latter are usually the ones who I describe at the restuarant.
  12. Lot of volunteers work for NGO's who don't get paid. I have arranged teaching positions before.
  13. There is a little restaurant in Mae Sot run by a canadian guy. Decent food and the guy seems decent. He was telling me once about problems he has with some NGO's . They will occupy a table and buy one bottle of water or a soft drink and when a customer leaves they will move to there table and eat any leftovers. Watched it happen one night. Amazing. He ripped into the guy and told him to fuck off and not come back. 5 minutes later an American/Canadian girl came along and did the exact same thing. She received the same message from the owner.
  14. Watched The Sting last night on cable. What a CLASSIC
  15. Just avoid whities wearing sandles riding pushbikes
  16. HH I couldn't agree more....maybe put it in the Social Issues section......
  17. "I tend not to comment on this whole NotStickman issue"
  18. Couldn't help yourself could you http://www.thai360.com/fbb/showpost.php?post/865776/
  19. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Man lights up a cigarette and a guy in a wheelchair comes up and says "why do you smoke?" to which he replies "why do you wear shoes?"
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