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  1. Saw this post on a few other boards, so it's obviously doing the rounds. (ie. I didn't write this list, but I haven't seen it on Thai360). Thought it would be interesting to hear other member's comments here. For me, pretty much 10 out of 10. Discuss. The Truth About Thai Bargirls Thailand has some of the most beautiful, sexy, exotic and erotic women in the world! With so many Thai ladies working at go-go bars, beer bars, blowjob bars or simply freelancing, it is quite easy to find a “boom boom†companion for “short time†or “long time†fun. However, there are myths about Thai bargirls that need to be discussed. For example… Myth 1) Thai Bargirls Are Not Prostitutes Yes, Thai bargirls are very nice, sweet, fun loving creatures but they spread their legs in order to make $$$. Whoever created the illusion that a woman who works in a sex establishment or freelances to make $$$ by spreading her legs is not a prostitute is blind. Myth 2) Thai Bargirls Are Looking For A Prince Charming To Rescue Them Thai bargirls number 1 priority is taking care of themselves and their families. And their only method of taking care of themselves and their families is with $$$. Despite the fact that Thai bargirls are poor, they are quite happy living in their beautiful country. In addition, Thai bargirls enjoy indulging in their wonderful culture and have no need to find a prince charming to rescue them from their current situation. Myth 3) Thai Bargirls Are Submissive I wouldn’t say Thai bargirls are submissive but rather gentle women that like to take care of their men and make sure that their men are happy. In addition, Thai bargirls have come to learn that there are a lot of tourists looking for love and therefore, they use their charm, personality and sex appeal to get what they want which is $$$. Myth 4) Thai Bar Girls Like Older Men When it comes to $$$ Thai women like all kind of men (short, fat bald, midgets, etc.,). For some reason a lot of men believe the notion that Thai bargirls are with them because they actually like them. The reality is that the Thai bargirls are simply with them for $$$. In addition, Thai bargirls would much rather be seen with a sexy young Foreigner, than with a sweaty old man that can barely get a ‘hardon.’ Myth 5) Thai Bargirls Don't Like Thai Men Many male tourists will be surprised to know how many bargirls have Thai boyfriends. This should not be surprising simply because a Thai bargirl can relate a lot better to a Thai man than with a male tourist from the west. So why then does a Thai bargirl choose to work in a go-go bar, beer bar or other adult establishment if she has a Thai boyfriend? Well it all comes down to $$$, which is something everybody needs. Myth 6) Thai Bargirls Earn A Lot Of Money Although Thai bargirls may work 6 days a week sometimes year round with few breaks in between, they don’t make a lot of $$$. Instead the little money Thai bargirls do make goes to pay for their personal expenses and the rest is sent to their families for support. Myth 7) Thai Bargirls don’t like working in a Beer Bar/Go-Go Bar Actually, Thai bargirls enjoy working in a beer bar/go-go bar simply because many of them have friends and cousins that work at a beer bar/go-go bar. In addition, working in a beer bar/go-go bar gives Thai bargirls the opportunity to have some fun (drink, meet foreigners and party) and enjoy themselves outside of their routine lives. Myth 8) Thai Bargirls love foreigners I wouldn’t say Thai bargirls don’t like foreigners but rather learned to accept them coming to their precious country for the past few decades for Intoxication and Intercourse Vacations. One thing is for sure, Thai bargirls love foreigners $$$. Myth 9) Thai Bargirls are loyal to their men I don’t know how many Thai bargirls I have had sex with that told me they had a foreigner boyfriend. I mean Thai bargirls work in a go-go bar, beer bar, blowjob bar or freelance not because they want to but because they need $$$. So even though a Thai bargirl may meet someone she likes, their will always be new opportunities (new foreigners) she will come across that will provide her with more $$$. Myth 10) Thai Bargirls are not educated Although Thai bargirls may not have received the educational opportunities that many foreigners from the west have received, they are a lot smarter than your average male tourist. For example, Thai bargirls are street smart, learn the tricks of the business of working in a beer bar/go-go bar and use their sex appeal to milk as much $$$ from several male tourists all while remaining the sweet, beautiful, loyal, submissive uneducated females every male tourist believes they are.
  2. Hopefully the bed isn't the only hard thing when staying at a love hotel...
  3. Champions??? Where old BG's go do die. Obviously you like the more "mature" style of lady, Asia Fun! Unless it's changed, last time I was there the youngest girl was about 35, and the youngest punter was about 85 !! However, one man's stunner is another man's nightmare - YMMV. For me: (In terms of having a fun night out) 1. Peppermint 2. Sweethearts 3. Happy 4. Baby Dolls 5. New Star In terms of best looking girls - and again, just my opinion 1. Airport 2. Iron Club 3. Happy 4. Alcatraz 5. Baby Dolls Windmill and X-Zone and places like that are kind of too hardcore for me and I find them a bit degrading. I like watching hot chicks dancing and flirting. Not being fisted by some 70 year old fat slob.... yeeeech...
  4. Looks good for the price, but location isn't that great. When most hotels in Pattaya are Guest Friendly anyway, doesn't seem like much point. However, if this place was in Bangkok around Cowboy, then would definitely make use of it! :hubba:
  5. Dave, a couple of points: If your contract is up, wouldn't the phone be unlocked now by your home mobile provider? If not, I'm sure you can ask them to unlock the phone for you. I asked my mobile company here in Oz and they did it in 24 hours. Lots of places on the "mobile phone floor" in MBK (3rd floor) who will unlock it and jailbreak it for you. BUT BEWARE: Change the settings on your iTunes to **NOT** automatically update your iPhone software. If you try to update your software when a new release comes out, or it does it automatically, iTunes will realise your phone has been jail broken and turn it into an iBrick VERY rapidly! Annoying and frustrating. Personally, I would just get the mobile company to unlock it rather than jailbreak it, although others seem to swear by jailbreaking. YMMV. Jailbreaking generally means you'll be stuck with the current software update on your phone forever, unless I'm mistaken. Hope this helps a bit! Piggy.
  6. MooNoi

    'burgers At Bar-4.

    Very Euro, Munchie! Good to see you Brits are now feeling more part of Europe these days!
  7. Thanks for the update, GD. So - just out of interest... how much were you paying the girls in Beach Club for their time? I remmeber when I last took a girl from there (which happened quite regularly, but last time was 2007) it was VERY hard to find a girl for long time - they all wanted short time - and the Filipinas wanted about 300RM for a short time. How are the prices now? (Viet and Chinese girls wanted even more!)
  8. D'oh! Damn new forum!! 2003? I'm losing the plot!!!
  9. Sorry, but I don't think it's Thailand's first "low cost airline" ... What about NOK Air and One-To-Go ??? Both low-cost airlines by true definition as far as I was aware. (And also Air Asia, but not Thai owned of course, despite flying domestically in LOS)
  10. Enough damn Russian hookers in Pattaya now that it certainly seems same same as Tashkent at times!
  11. Yep - I actually know a punter or two who made a soi 33 bargirl their "girlfriend" and then said that they were obviously dating a "good Thai girl". :smirk: WTF?
  12. Gee, Gobble... you old fart! LOL! In Pattaya, rising at 10.00am *IS* considered early!
  13. I'll admit an act of stupidity one time. My first time in Germany, and driving around in the hire car I said to my then gf: "Wow - there's a lot of signs pointing off the auto-bahn to this town or city called AUSFAHRT. Must be a big place, but I've never heard of it." Turns out that AUSFAHRT is German for "EXIT". Whoops.
  14. I'll be there 4 August to 21 August (including my birthday on 12 August!), so a very good chance of a beer, DS!
  15. Awww.... you know it'll be your turn after I'm home!!! Swings and roundabouts, my good friend!
  16. Anything "western" needed from Australia?? Have 30kg luggage allowance from Emirates, so anything (reasonable!) considered. Don't think I'll be heading to BKK, but might be up there for a day or so. Up to you. Let me know if you need anything. Moo.
  17. Not much to do in Pattaya during the day??? Let's see.... 10.00am: Wake Up 10.05am: Realise there's some random woman lying next to you and try to remember her name. 10.06am: Work out that it doesn't matter if you remember her name or not, and start rubbing your old fellah up and down her back 10.07am: Fight off her protestations and remind her that "long time means boom boom in the morning too!" 10.08am: Have boom boom 11.00am: Remove girl from room after paying her agreed LT rate, have shower and then head downstairs to breakfast 11.30am: Breakfast 12.00noon: Head off to massage in Soi Honey Inn for 200 baht for 1 hour and 200 baht tip for happy ending handjob. Leave smiling. 1.00pm: Head off to Soi 6 (The world's dirtiest street!) 1.02pm: Get cat-called walking down the street, fight off the occasional ladyboy, find dark bar, go inside, find companion, buy ladydrink, buy drink for yourself, diddle on couch for an hour or so, or go upstairs for a short time. (Room 300 baht, ST fee: 700 baht) 2.00pm: Get baht bus down to Tahitian Queen 2 (Day Time A-Go-Go) on Beach Road and enjoy pole polishing, talking with some cute ladies, and an ice-cold beer for an hour or two. 4.00pm: Back to guest house / hotel for afternoon kip and catch up on email and writing trip report for Thai 360! 7.00pm: Head down for dinner at your choice of restaurant. 8.15pm: Hit Walking Street gogos and beer bars, Second Road Beer Bars, Soi LK Metro Gogos, Soi Buakhao beer bars - wherever tickles your fancy! Nothing to do in the day? Gotta be kidding, people! Ah - 16 days until.. but who's counting!! :thumbup:
  18. And... I think when I look back in my dim and distant past, I remember reading an article in the Bangkok Post (or maybe The Nation) when one of their US-based journos asked 150 random Americans to point to Thailand on a map of the world and only about 10% could do it. Out of the other 90%, about 50% pointed to "TAIWAN" and the rest didn't have a clue.
  19. Mostly had this experience with Americans (in the US) asking me stupid questions about Australia! Best one I ever got was: "So... is it true you can walk across to New Zealand at low tide?" WTF??
  20. GD, If you're going purely for sanook and to meet companions on a day-to-day basis or thereabouts, maybe 4 nights in Chiang Mai will leave you a little ...... lonely? A few massage parlours there, and some beer bars, but not exactly a happy hunting ground for players, unless it's changed since I was last there 3 years ago. I'd be changing those 4 nights in Changers to 8 nights in Patters. Just me - YMMV.
  21. MooNoi

    bj options

    You can even have a threesome on your way from Swampypoo to Pattaya, Munchie! :thumbup: The Devil Mobile
  22. If people behave like tools when they're pissed up and do stupid things, then "som num na" IMO
  23. MooNoi

    bj options

    36 Below, You've mentioned the main option in BKK - Lolitas. A couple of the seedier bars in Soi Cowboy I've seen blow jobs going on... as long as you don't mind getting blown in public. Moonshine Joint, Afterskool, Toy Bar to name but three. Apart from Lolitas, can't really think of anywhere that specialises in it apart from Lolitas, although I'm sure there are other members here who can shed some (Star Of) Light on the situation.
  24. Same as employees in Thai offices! They're all sitting there on MSN chat, Facebook and Farmville! I remember when I was office manager for my job in Thailand, I blocked Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail from the staff's computers. There was a Thai version of uproar and they didn't talk to me for about a week. So be it - they're there to work, not play bloody games! I tried to tell them that if they spend 50% of their day working, should they then get 50% of their current salary? Needless to say, this didn't sink in at all and they just didn't get it! One girl actually resigned because I blocked access to those websites!
  25. Was talking to a guy today (one of my clients) about Thailand and ended up getting on to the sanook/mongering scene in LOS. Ended up chatting about it, and seems like he knew the scene very well - bars, terminology, prices etc. This guy is married, but was at pains to point out to me that his Thai wife wasn't a bar girl when they met. It was almost as if he has to convince me she wasn't an ex-bg. I have met other guys like this before. I remember one guy I talked to told me that he first met his wife when she was "working in a restaurant". Trouble was, he didn't know that I knew that girl when she worked at Tilac Bar a few years previously! (Luckily she didn't recognise me, but I certainly recognised her as I spent many nights in Tilac when I lived in BKK). It got me thinking as to why would you try to hide the truth when you're talking to another monger? I would understand him saying he met his wife in a "legit" scenario if you were talking to someone who didn't approve of the whole scene, but why try to cover it up when you're talking to someone of the same ilk? Doesn't make sense to me. Thoughts?
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