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  1. Champions??? Where old BG's go do die. Obviously you like the more "mature" style of lady, Asia Fun! Unless it's changed, last time I was there the youngest girl was about 35, and the youngest punter was about 85 !! However, one man's stunner is another man's nightmare - YMMV. For me: (In terms of having a fun night out) 1. Peppermint 2. Sweethearts 3. Happy 4. Baby Dolls 5. New Star In terms of best looking girls - and again, just my opinion 1. Airport 2. Iron Club 3. Happy 4. Alcatraz 5. Baby Dolls Windmill and X-Zone and places like that are kind of too hardcore for me and I find them a bit degrading. I like watching hot chicks dancing and flirting. Not being fisted by some 70 year old fat slob.... yeeeech...
  2. So I have all this to look forward to. Sigh. :-( Had a lady in Pattaya last week do a colonoscopy of sorts on me. She wasn't medically trained, and I'm not sure what she found, but she seemed to do a decent job of it!
  3. One of the most friendly and attractive girls I have ever met works in Bar 4. Fantastic English, (married to farang before I think from memory), very VERY attractive, and very interesting to talk to - not your usual "what your name, where you come from" scenario. More than happy to buy a couple of Baccardi Breezers for her and opine on various subjects. :thumbup:
  4. Exactly right. The place that charged 50 baht for 15 minutes or something and was WAY overpriced! And yes - opposite the Dynasty "Hospice".
  5. Fair point. But it's usually so cheap if you do chuck it then it's not a huge loss. To be honest, if I buy cardboard then I buy one of the more reputable cellar brands from Oz here and it's usually more than ok. :thumbup: I'll bring you a couple of nice bottles of Aussie red when I come to Fecking Dubai later this year! (I hope!)
  6. Not sure how much wine you get in boxes there in Dubai, Munchie, but obviously quite a lot here in Oz. There *ARE* some decent box wines out here - you might pay $15 - $20 for them, and they are definitely drinkable. No, you wouldn't turn up at someone's dinner party with one under your arm, but to keep in the kitchen for a drop when having dinner alone at night (as I do most nights at home) its more than passable.
  7. I still can't believe someone got Lizard King to cross the DMZ of Suk/Asoke intersection!!!
  8. And I managed to find a hastily taken shot of Teddy on the same evening!
  9. Actually I found this picture of Munchie in Bangkok in full garb before heading out for a night in Patpong with Teddy. :thumbup:
  10. Well, being a Scotsman, he certainly won't be paying us!!
  11. Haggis is actually English... not Scottish BBC said it so it must be true
  12. MooNoi


    Thank (nervous) God... no, she didn't!!
  13. MooNoi


    :rotl: Everyone in the hotel lobby is looking over at me and wondering why I'm laughing so much... You blokes are funny.
  14. MooNoi


    Hate it. Smels like a ladyboy's knickers after a fruitless night cruising Sukhumvit in the heat and humidity for a punter and going home empty-handed. Not that I'd know. Just a guess.
  15. This was a great thread... however apart from the most recent couple of posts, its all 2003-4, so pretty-much out of date now. Anyone care to update some cool software they're using in 2009 that might help the rest of us? (Personally, particularly interested in free stuff that tunes up PC operations and anti-virus/malware stuff - but obviously all suggestions are welcome).
  16. Get any photos??? You must have taken at least a couple of "souvenir pics" of the fulfillment of one of your dreams?? I'm sure its quite ok to post a pic of her clothed in this forum, (I mean.. most of us have seen her online, so it's not like we're "outing her" or anything), so feel free! I'd like to see what she looks like day-to-day, not just on the net.
  17. So who's your Mrs boning on the side, Fred??? If you're whacking off so much she can't be getting much at home! :grin:
  18. Have you asked your wife, Freddy? Maybe she can help contact her?
  19. Really? I think their faces are quite different from each other. Different shaped body too.
  20. What about Thai-Nee ?? She's only 33kg or something ridiculous! Look really great with a fat, white farang body pounding away for 30 seconds or so on top of her!
  21. So you have a tour company in Bangkok, and you publicly call the TAT a corrupt entity. Probably not the smartest decision you could have made - even if you don't go public with your company name when you're accusing them of corruption. As SuaDum said... I would think apathy and nepotism would be more prevalent than blatant corruption. I agree with your "crusade" to a point, but being a farang working in the tourism industry in Thailand, be very careful who you accuse of what. Tourism is a very protected industry, (as you probably know), and it doesn't bode well for farangs involved in the industry to stir things up . Remember that for a big town, Bangkok can also be a very "small" town. It has this strange ability to smell a fart on one side of town when you've actually dropped it on the other side. Having worked in the tourism industry in BKK for the past 6 years, I have probably met you, know you or know of you.
  22. You'd probably feel a bit of a prick if you tried those, Munchie. :grin:
  23. The crisps I like come with "SOUR CREAM AND CHIVES" on the packet... not "OTHER (PLEASE SPECIFY)" so it would have been an erroneous vote!
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