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Bangkok Post IT NEWS - Wednesday 14 May 2003

Your guide to the hottest Net spots in town




Arnoma Hotel


Broadband wireless; Wi-Fi cards provided and CD-ROM with software for guests.


WiFi area: Anywhere on Business Class floors, conference rooms, lobby, restaurants and poolside.


Access provider: Milcom Systems and Far East Internet.


Tel: 02-255-3410


Amari Atrium


Wireless in all meeting areas of the hotel or even at poolside, broadband in the rooms for 300 baht midday to midday.


Information: Sales and marketing department at 02-718-2000 ext. 3101.


Le Royal Meridien Hotel


Wi-Fi area: lobby, Pick-Me-Up Cafe, Business Centre, function rooms, the Royal Club, and Tower Lounge.


Access point equipment: Cisco Systems and NetONE Network Solution.


ISP: Loxinfo.


Charge: Web Kit 450 baht/ 5 hours.


Tel. 02-656-0444


Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel


Wi-Fi area: lobby and library.


Access point equipment: Cisco Systems.


ISP: Asia Infonet.


Charge: 400 baht/ hour, 1,000 baht/ day.


Tel. 02-653-0333.


Conrad Hotel


Wi-Fi area: lobby.


ISP: Maginet.


Charge: Free of charge for guests.


Tel. 02-690-9999.


Gaysorn Plaza


Wi-Fi area: 1st floor and underground.


Access point equipment: Cisco Systems.


ISP: CS Loxinfo (iPSTAR satellite broadband).


Charge: 180 baht/ hour, 350 baht/ 2 hours.


Contact CS Loxinfo Khun Pratabjai Tel. 02-263-8222.


Starbucks Coffee, Central Ladprao


Access point equipment: Cisco Systems.


ISP: CS Loxinfo.


Charge: 180 baht/ hour, 350 baht/ 2 hours.


Also: Central Dept Store (in front of Starbucks) in Bang na , Rama II , Rama III and Pinklao.


MacDonald's Ploenchit , other MacDonalds in Bangkok coming soon.




Central Dept Store (in front of Starbucks).




Springfield Country Club _ Hua Hin: Lobby


SpringField Resort _ Hua Hin: Lobby


Dusit Polo _ Hua Hin Resort: Lobby




There are two public free hotspots in Samui, the largest one (using several repeaters linked) is around the IT Complex (itc.samui.org).


Another one at Chaweng beach near to the beachcam (samuicam.com): this one is currently not free.


All spots are operated by sawadee.com (whose parent company operated the ISP Ji-Net node in Samui, called SamuiNet).


After the soft-opening of the IT Complex in April (which hosts the fibre-backbones), most pupular tourist spots/beach will become ``tourist-hotspots'').




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Bangkok Post IT NEWS - Wednesday 25 June 2003

TA unveils `hotspot' plans


TelecomAsia plans to set up 100 public broadband Internet kiosks as well as up to 100 Internet wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) hotspots this year.


TA director and general manager Noppadol Dej-udom noted that the broadband Internet kiosks will be dubbed ``TA Stations'' and the first four units will be set up in the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.


The kiosks will complement TA's first public wireless Internet service in the convention centre, which it announced last week.


Mr Noppadol said each TA Station would be coin-operated and would also be installed at fastfood chain stores soon.




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Duh .... I forget...... So, tell all - where did YOU get it?


Hey, maybe Adikegede (or whatever) belongs inside SGT - he seems to have some useful knowledge.


Where's Mao Mark when you need him most?


So, what did you think of "Man in the Arena"?



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Not actually in SEA but note worthy.

Says IHT:



Roger Collis/IHT IHT

Friday, July 4, 2003




United Airlines claims that it will be the first carrier to offer two-way e-mail aboard all its domestic flights. Passengers will soon be able to plug their laptops into jacks on handsets, which will enable them to send and receive e-mails.


United has tested the service since December on several Boeing 767 aircraft on routes in the United States, charging $5.99 per flight for instant messaging, one-way text messaging and news, weather and other information. The cost for two-way e-mail (including attachments) will be $15.98 a flight.


Lufthansa has announced that it will make broadband Internet access available starting in 2004 on its fleet of about 80 long-haul Boeing 747-400s and Airbus A-330 and A-340 aircraft. The service will be run in conjunction with Connexion by Boeing, allowing passengers to access the Internet and e-mail and connect to corporate networks, on their own computers, either wirelessly or via Ethernet connections built into the sea[t].


Connexion by Boeing has also finished a trial with British Airways, while Japan Airlines and SAS have announced that they will install the service on their long-range fleets. Charges are still being worked out, but according to data from an earlier trial this year, passengers are willing to pay up to $35 for the service on flights of eight hours.


Sean Griffiths, a spokesman for Connexion, says, "We discovered that the value of the service depends very much on the length of the flight." Lufthansa may allow its Miles and More members to pay for the service with miles.

Readers may contact Roger Collis by fax at (44-20) 7987-3451 or by e-mail at
Please include city and country. International Herald Tribune

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This thread has information about GPRS data service provided by AIS and DTAC. GPRS is part of the GSM wireless phone specification (GSM 2.5 I think). The specification is for 115Kbs but most operators limit bandwidth to 53.6kbs because its pretty resource (network) hungry. It requires a gprs capable gsm phone. Many of the phones I have seen are either 40Kbs or 50Kbs capable.
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