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  2. Gents - I have been running a business services company since 2002, specializing in providing incorporation services, and assistance with work permit and Immigration processing to foreign clients seeking to operate businesses in Thailand. So - I know of what I speak. Comparing Immigration processing for extensions of entry permits based on marriage, and based on retirement: Marriage: Advantages - If based on bank balance, need only maintain 400,000 baht minimum balance for 60 days (initial) or 90 days (renewal). In this status, you ARE permitted to work, with work permit -
  3. Have you ever felt that you were experiencing a mosquito problem? Compare:
  4. Yes - if you have any concerns, you may always take them to a Thai bank, and ask them to replace them with current bills. Lately, when I cash a monthly check for 135,000 baht, I typically receive about 90,000 baht in "old" bills (2008 type), and 45,000 baht in "new "bills. Cheers, SS
  5. Indeed - it is fake news. Good - I like Clint Eastwood. He's one of the few Hollywood types who has his head on straight.
  6. Say it ain't so: I just heard a "whisper on the wind" that actor and director Clint Eastwood has died. I hope that this is "fake news" - but I fear the worst. I guess we will all know shortly.
  7. The Grim Reaper has really been busy lately. Two more "winning play in the dead pool" for May 2018 were Manuel Noriega, and Zbigniew Brzezinski http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/manuel-noriega-ousted-panamanian-dictator-dead-83-n730291 http://time.com/4796571/zbigniew-brzezinski-dead-jimmy-carter-adviser/ Neither one matters enough to me for me to make any long comments.
  8. My last home in USA before relocating to Thailand in 2000 was in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Minnesota has just now become the focus of a major bust of human traffickers, peddling Thai sex workers is major US cities: Feds in Minnesota charge 21 new defendants in sweeping probe of Thai sex ring Federal investigation began in Minnesota and discovered Thai women working as 'sex slaves.' By Stephen Montemayor Star Tribune May 25, 2017 — 4:45pm One of the nation’s largest sex-trafficking prosecutions yielded its second indictment Thursday, when federal authorities in
  9. http://www.bangkokbeerguru.com Directory to craft beer bars in Bangkok
  10. Red Bull "Crashed Ice" series - ice skater's sprint races - you gotta' see this. 2017 men's final: 2017 women;s final: (yawn)
  11. Flash - you presumably meant to say "That will teach them not to fail to keep up their bribes."
  12. Hey, Flash, I think maybe you have to much too much idle time on your hands !
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