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  1. I am thinking the 6 who took it too the courts had master leases, the many shop owners didn't, thus only they had a legal leg to stand on,
  2. One of the things I noticed when my best friend came down with AIDS was the advent of what I came to cal "AIDS Vultures" people he didn;t previously know that well, who suddenly had all sorts of ideas and theories he should try, "IF HE WANTED TO LIVE" After a time he reailzed they weren't trying to save his life, rather, they was trying to push their own agenda. As Robert Mapplethorpe said (and I paraphrase) "I am glad I am rich enough to afford the drugs, everyone who was poor that I fucked died, only the rich can afford to live as long as I have" He died of course, but my best mate, hasn't. DOG
  3. They where for the photo comp which this month has about 5 entries! Maybe I should hand them over before they expire to this months winner? DOG
  4. I am typing this in the lobby of BIDC, just gopt my teeth cleaned. Fuck I hate dentists Good service though - high speed interent in the lobby! DOG
  5. I booked my niece into Bangkok International Dental Clinic. not expesive, very shiny clean looking gear, and close to our house. DOG
  6. KS - At the same time can we get a mod to stop obvious troll posts, the recent situation where it was known a poster was trolling shouldn;t have happened, by allowing it to happen the board suffered. No trolls no flames DOG
  7. KK I was going to ask the same thing! No one gets charged so what was the use, TIT
  8. KS - Maybe a weekly newsletter/monthly sponsored by a few companies, ie direct mailing.
  9. Woo Hoo drinks on drogon this Friday! (Just joking) DOG
  10. How about adding the booze and stuff people have donated to competitions, that also adds to the site in many ways, Paul101 sent in a 1 gig thumb drive, Mekong and Pataya127 gave$50 each, OH must have spent that much on wine, Hugh Hoy also at least that and DUmbsoda. DOPG
  11. Err - sorry about that, my fault, was playing with profiles and fucked upo JB
  12. Who's TOp Cat? I think this is a lovely idea, a wiparound! JB
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