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This board is a sanuk board; sanuk means in the wider sense of the word fun and enjoyment, and in the closer sense of nightlife - consenting adults can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with that in many locations.

As we do not promote visiting border brothels and such here in thailand, where often underage girls (as well as adult women) are kept in horrific conditions, we also do not promote similar places in Cambodia, and other Asian locations.


In Thailand most Westerners frequent only GoGo bars and other places largely free of such abuses towards women, but that is different in Cambodia. There, the vast majority of women and girls in prostitution are working out of brothels which operate under the system of the various forms of indentured prostitution. This ranges from girls more or less kidnapped and sold into slavery up to parents giving their daughters to brothels for a loan, which said daughters have to work off.


This is not what we call sanuk, which is why this board would like to distance itself from those practises, even condemning them.


We considered banning discussion on these type of places, but decided that it would be better to allow discussions in hope of educating people. Hopefully it will help to make people understand the difference between a freelancer, an employee of a GoGo or beerbar, and an indentured brothel worker.


Some people might not care, and we cannot, unfortunately, stop them from frequenting those places, but at least we can hope that they do not advertise said places on this board. Infamous places such as KM 11, tuol kork or any other cambodian brothelvillage.

Also pllease keep in mind that there are other places all over asia similar to those mentioned above, but we prefer not to mention them here as to not give them any exposure which could further their business.

What you could do is, if you come across such places, is to PM the moderators, so that they will be aware of it while moderating future discussions.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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