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  1. Hi, Yep, keep things ambiguous to increase the opportunity for corruption Sanuk!
  2. Hi, Yeah, you might be right about residency. This is what I read though: "During the CCSA meeting, the Ministry of Public Health affirmed that all people who reside in Thailand, regardless of their nationality, are eligible to receive the vaccine under the government’s plan." As usual though, this being Thailand, who the fuck really knows Sanuk!
  3. Hi, "Vaccination for Tarang will cost" Turns out that is not actually the case. Gov has apparently said it will be free for all residents. Sanuk!
  4. Hi, Then she may very well be presented with a (hefty?) bill, unless she has insurance. Sanuk!
  5. Hi, I think it is supposed to be free (at government hospitals) for Thais, but have no source or proof of this. Same for testing (if there is a valid reason for testing) and quarantine. Sanuk!
  6. Hi, So, how do you calculate the people on the sides? Using that picture, there would be 6 as each would be standing in the middle of the 6' For there to be 7 people in one line, 2 would need to be stuck to the wall and then width definitely comes into play. Sanuk!
  7. Hi, >hands up those who thought 6x6 It probably is actually 6x6 (or even 5x6), because you are assuming people have no width/depth Sanuk!
  8. Hi, Must be for the same reason they refer to themselves as "Irish-American", "Italian-American", etc even though even their (grand)parents were born in the US. Sanuk!
  9. Hi, Hmm, and these articles on Stanford's own website seem to suggest the exact opposite: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/discover/covid-19-resource-center/patient-care/patient-masking-guidelines.html https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2020/06/stanford-scientists-contribute-to-who-mask-guidelines.html Sanuk
  10. Hi, "7-11 Closed between 11PM - 4AM " This doesn't really make sense to me. How many people frequent a 7-11 between those hours anyway? Sanuk!
  11. Hi, "The 2 men allegedly told police that they were paid 5,000 baht each to deliver the methamphetamine." That referred to the Lao men. The 50-100K was for a different guy. Sanuk!
  12. Hi, Getting paid 5,000 Baht to smuggle drugs worth 275M Baht. Sanuk!
  13. Hi, "the ban on protests is not political but is designed to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and protect the health of all residents. " Riiiiggghhhtttt. Sanuk!
  14. Hi, "To be honest does not bother me one iota, I have probably not gone to a nightlife area at nighttime this millennium," Same, and I do think that at some point NP and SC will likely be gone (or moved to the outskirts?), but it is kinda funny to be hearing that it will happen soon for the last 20 years. Sanuk!
  15. Hi, "I imagine Nana Plaza will end up going the same way in the not too distant future." That's what people have been saying for the last 20 years or so. Sanuk!
  16. Hi, "Didn't Khun Sanuk own the nanaplaza domain in the past? " Jigger owns/owned nanaplaza.com Sanuk!
  17. Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!
  18. Hi, "Donate Vets to give castration and the problem will greatly reduce." Totally agree. It is the most humane way to reduce the soi dog problem. Sanuk!
  19. Hi, Odd. The IMDB rating is only 4.7, which is why I didn't bother watching this. Sanuk!
  20. Hi, " TG medical treatment costs are likely to be between 2.4 and 8 million US$" So, about equal to 4-13 golf trips for Trump. And he had how many at tax payers' expense? "Trump's golf rounds cost the American taxpayer approximately $600,000 on average." https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2020/11/08/how-much-donald-trump-golf-rounds-cost-taxpayers-107139/ Sanuk
  21. I think that came from Wikipedia, but do a search and there are plenty more figures/sources https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=percentage+of+renewable+energy+in+uk Looks like it was already 47% in first half of 2020: https://www.edie.net/news/10/Renewables-accounted-for-record-47--of-UK-generation-in-first-quarter-of-2020/
  22. Hi, In 2017 already 28% of the UK's power came from renewables, up from less than 10% in 2011. I am certain that has only grown the last 3 years, and will continue to do so. Sanuk!
  23. Hi, "Germany got the experience for the kamps..." Cavanami, you are on thin ice. And please don't forget the internment camps the US had for the Japanese during the same period before you start accusing others. (And yes, I am well aware the cruelty was not on the same level, but still....) Sanuk!
  24. Hi, I know you are an oil/gas guy , but seriously the world has to start using renewable alternatives. Using non-renewable source of fuel is not sustainable. Sooner or later they WILL run out. From that article you quoted: "The good news is that the industry could readily eliminate many of the damaging side effects that do exist. Indeed, pressure for it to do so is mounting" As for Cavanami's comment about the election having been stolen, that doesn't warrant a reply. Sanuk!
  25. Hi, Or maybe your predecessor is a lousy loser and incited his followers to storm the Capitol. Sanuk!
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