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Abandoning Bali for Thailand ...


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Hi All,


The local rag, in what was undoubtedly a beatup, interviewed a few travel agents here in Qld and came back with the conclusion that Aussies are cancelling trips to Bali in favour of Thailand. Whilst this saddens me on several levels (the majority of Thai people arent as reliant on mass tourism as the Balinese are), I'd like confirmation from TB and anyone else in the travel game that this is the case - are punters changing the 'DPS' tags on their baggage for 'BKK' ?





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Flight Centre had 635 bookings cancel in the week just after the bombings...my franchise network (second largest) had 428 cancel...thats bookings not total number of pax travelling.


I don't have Flights info on refunds or transfer of holiday destinations.


With my group over 50% opted for refunds (if fully paid) deposits where and are still held against future travel.


We had a number go to Fiji and some to Thailand as well as other Pacific destinations...no exact numbers however for the network...yet anyway.


My office was holding 14 bookings of 42 passengers....all cancelled two booking (8 people) travelled to Thailand...all the rest are on deposits and will wait and see attitude for Christmas and New Year.


Lucky no full refunds for me...

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Mate i work in Public Relations and the way it works is that PR people write the stories and the journos all say thanks why didnt i think of that and then it gets printed word for word or bloody close to it.


50% of the stuff in the papers (outside of genuine news i.e Iraq etc) is written by PR people. Journos dont bother checking facts they dont have the time or inclination and few people will ever challenge what they write they just take it at face value.


Thats why the media have immense power and people like rupert murdoch always has the ear of the PM and President Bush etc.

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Nervous_Dog said:

Has there been a marked increase in other destinations TB?



Not that we can tell at this stage...normal levels for the UK USA ...Just a boost for Thailand when people had to make quick decisions or miss out on a holiday....


My office is up for Thai bookings this Dec-Jan....but we push it :angel:

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No problems Emmitt - I suspect that BB is alluding to the fact that we cant rely on the news re Iraq being 'genuine', particularly with the Bush administtrations aversion to having another Vietnam in terms of press coverage. Embedded reporters, networks being squeezed when they do get hold of something like Abu Ghraib, etc. My guess is that you have to watch Al Jazeera, see how the same story is being 'sold' by the Western media, then plumb for something in the middle.


Getting back to Bali - how many people cancel holidays to London due to the threat of further terrorism ? For a 15 year period in the 80s and early 90s, the IRA were actively targeting the people of London and life went on. Its different when you perceive the locals to be 'extremists' ...

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